The Mother Of all Blondie Bowlers!

  1. I saw this one too, I wonder what happened to the listing... the purple color is TDF!
  2. She said she had to end it becuase it was illegal to ship crococdile leather to the US.
  3. :confused1: is that possible?
  4. I saw this too and I personally think it's a FAKE along with her other listings. Most croc name brand bags run 10K or more. ALso, she sells bags waayyyyy below retail and a lot of them. I think she is selling high grade fakes. :yucky:

    Anyone else feel that way?
  5. Wow, that was beautiful.
  6. mother of all pearls! I don't think it's fake....I was actually thinking in buying it as an investment. Why do you think its fake? Anyone has a link to old archives to check on ALL Gucci blondies ever produced? Did this style ever existed? Please help.:hysteric: ...the serial number it looks good to me.:jammin:
  7. One, the photo is a stock photo. Two, here's a real Gucci croc purse that sells around 20K. There is no way that purse if it was a real Gucci or real croc could go for $3000.00 Gucci

    Also, her other Gucci's are going WELL below retail price. Just seems fishy to me. I agree it's pretty, but maybe it's moc croc. I still think it's fake though!
  8. I know it is illegal to ship python to California...dunno about croc to US though
  9. Hmm... if that was true, wouldn't it be illegal for Gucci to have the croc bag online available for shipment??

  10. well, gucci might have some agreement with customs!
  11. Crocodile is not an endangered species and trade is legal as long as the skin is certified as farm raised. The Gucci outlet in California currently has two on display, at $7500 each.
  12. two what? two bowlers like the way she was selling?:nuts:
  13. Crocodile is sold & shipped to the US. Pretty sure that is a total fake.