The most you've spent on a LV bag?

  1. Just wondering what everyone is willing to shell out for a bag they love:p .The most I've spent on a LV bag would be on my Manhattan GM for about $1870 without tax and all that. I did feel guilty at first, however that went away pretty quickly :yahoo:
  2. just under $1900 for monogram riveting, and worth every penny :biggrin:
  3. Just spent $1420 on my Dentelle! Will know in 7 days if that was a good thing LOL
  4. $1300 something for the baggy denim pm
  5. A little over 1k CAD for my popincourt haut. I'm still a student with a limited Vuitton budget. :sad:
  6. $750.00 for my Popincourt. There are many bag that are above a grand which I would LOVE to own, but I have yet to justify buying a bag that cost THAT much. If I ever do I'll definitely be buying myself a Epi Jasmin
  7. For my MC speedy in white. Can't remember the exact price.
  8. my montaigne pm :smile:
  9. The most I have spent is over $4000 for leopard stephen.
  10. 350 + 1300 for my MC Heart Purse and the Denim Baggy I bought to wear it on.

  11. I think it must be my Soufflot.
  12. My MC petit nOE!!
  13. $2,310.00 retail in 2004 for black mc keepall. Worth every damn penny! and its still worth thr $2740 it is today!
  14. $1500 for the Ivory Epi Montaigne GM.
  15. $1910 for MC speedy