The most wonderful DAYS of my life! ****pics***

  1. Hey all...

    Well............i have been a busy busy girl these last 2 weeks! 3 day bags!! :nuts:

    I finally got my violet day (yay) the leather is thick and gorgeous. Not soft, which i thought it would be?? The color is FAB. it looks really dark at night but bright during the day. i love it!!



    The aqua day i got from our very own lovely pfer (fred&ginger).

    The color is just amazing. not light at all, a dark turquise and looks fab with everything in my wardrobe!


    violet 2.JPG violet 3.JPG aqua 1.JPG aqua 2.JPG
  2. The third day...............magenta!! gorgeous color. The color is better than i imagined. I dont think i will keep it though as i have already made a new purchase which, wil suit me better....:graucho:


    hope you enjoyed pics!

    (MarieG- i can finally post in your sep/oct new purchased thread!)
  3. wow congrats, what wonderful colours!
  4. cOngrats on your beautiful DAYS~!
  5. congratulations, there are wonderful days!!

    can't see the magenta one though?
  6. Congratulations! Both your new bags are gorgeous. Love these colors.
  7. Gorgeous! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the aqua. That is one GORGEOUS!!!!!!! bag. I had one, sent it back to get another style and none of them had leather and color like the one I sent back, which looked like yours. I think the aqua Days had the best leather.
  8. Violet day....:drool::drool::drool::drool:
  9. Thanks guys-

    pluiee- can you see magenta pic now?

    powder- thanks sweetie.......i was surprised at this color too. def recommend
  10. :yahoo:
    Wow girl!!! The leather on the Violet Day is gorgeous, and the Ocean looks fantastic too! Congratulations on both! You deserve it!!! You also know how I love Magenta!
  11. thanks deana- :love:

    can anyone see the magenta?
  12. WOW lothlorien.... WHAT a DAY :nuts::yahoo:!! I just LOVE all of your days - they looks so yummy :drool: and those are the BEST colors ever :tup:! I'm so happy for you :heart:
    THANK YOU so much for sharing :flowers::love:
  13. Oh wow, i personally love the day style! So jealous of your Magenta day shes a beauty!!! I also have the violet RH day and think its perfect! Congrats!
  14. Beautiful bags, lothlorien. Such fabulous colours and the leather on all bags looks TDF. Are you swapping the magenta for the lovely '05 bordeaux, which you've just snapped up? That looks fantastic, too.
  15. Aw, I wish I have bright beautiful DAYS like these. They really are gorgeous. Excellent choice of colors!