The most weight you've lost in one month?

  1. Whenever I travel, I always lose weight. 6 pounds is the most I've lost in a month (in China).

    What's the most you've dropped in one month?
  2. I'd say about 7 or so, I was in Morocco, I was trekking with a heavy backpack every day and eating Tajine.
  3. i'd say probably 10 pounds. weight watchers.
  4. I've lost 11 lbs. in 9 days. Not healthy, but I needed to look at least OK for my friend's wedding at the time.

    When I went out of the country to travel, I lost 15 lbs. in 3 weeks. I was deftly afraid of not finding a toilet when I needed it. So I put up with hunger pangs rather than being stuck with nowhere to go.
  5. Wow! Can you share how you managed to do this?
  6. I think it was mostly water weight I lost.

    1 cup of yogurt
    1 bottle of Snapple

    Vegetable Sushi (4 large pieces, or 6-8 small ones depending on the place)
    1 scoop of tuna
    1 bottle of Snapple

    Mixed vegetables, as much as you want
    1 bottle of Snapple

    No salt.
    No water - if you were thirsty, you may just wet your mouth but not drink, or suck on a slice of lemon.
    No junkfood.
    No candy.
    No dairy products.
    No eggs.
    No exceptions.

    On the 6th day I began to get used to it.
  7. 17 lbs -not intentional. Brutal on the body and so unhealthy! !
  8. Oh man, I'm not sure I could lose 9 pounds in 11 days even if I didn't eat anything at all!
  9. I lost 24 pounds in a month when I broke my jaw. I was wired shut and could only "drink" my food. Totally screwed up my metabolism though!
  10. i once lost 26 lbs in one month. i went to a summer camp type place [not a fat camp just a regular one] and it was intense. I am not used to being active at all and for an entire month i hiked and ran and swam all day. it was a serious work out program. i also only ate fruit for breakfast and salad for lunch and dinner.
  11. 15 or so lbs. weight watchers plus a nasty flu bug.
  12. I lost 30 pounds in a month... I had gastric bypass surgery in february :smile:
  13. WOW how's that going? How do you feel? Did you have quite a lot you needed to lose? I was just reading this morning about Carnie Wilson's struggles after having her baby. She seems to be doing well though.
  14. Well, at first it was REALLY tough - my stomach was queezy all the time for the first month - similar to morning sickness but worse. I'd be in class, and randomly get the gags - it was god awful! Now I'm feeling great and energized. I'm eating well (though the most I seem to be able to get in is 600 calories max per day), taking my vitamins - and the pounds are literally melting away.

    You need to have a BMI of 40 to have the surgery, and mine was 44 I believe, so if I was any lighter I would have been denied. I weighed 258 at the time of surgery, now I'm 210 (surgery was 3 months ago). Most people in my support communities are 300 pounds plus, so they call me a "light weight" lol - HA! Hardly!!! But it's coming off, and I feel fly! hehehe - I just made a post about it actually :smile:
  15. i lost 15 pounds in one month by eating only 1200 cals/day and doing tae bo every day. it was tough! this was when i was 5 yrs ago... now im just eating healthy and exercising :smile:
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