the most unnecessary baby-item you bought

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  1. The mamaroo. Got it with my second daughter, she hated it! Just gave it away.
  2. I loved the mamaroo! Got it with my first boy when he was nearly 2 months old and wished I got it sooner. sold it afterwards for pretty’s much what I paid for it. Then as soon as I fell pregnant the second time this was the first thing I bought again! Amazing!
  3. I did however find that all the fancy baby furniture was a waste of money and space. Cot- neither of my boys liked sleeping in the cot. I’d recommend a snuzpod or similar to see if your baby will in fact enjoy sleeping in the cot. Wardrobe, baby changer, toy chest and a shelf, the rocking chair. I wish I just got standard furniture.
  4. One of my friends bought two prams for her twin babies. She can't stop telling me how useless they were once babies started sitting upright in few months' time. It was costly and ended taking lot of space in an already small apartment of hers.
  5. Baby swing. She would sit in it for 5 mins then cry.

    Baby carrier x2 and baby sling. Only used a handful of times. After 3-4 months she got quite heavy and long to carry comfortably. Haven't used either since

    Sleepyhead. Husband renamed it 'the wakeyhead'

    Best buy is the baby Bjorn bouncer. We have used it from the start and she still goes in it now.
  6. Best buy: Nose Frida, white noise machine, play mats like the piano they kick the keys, Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm for diaper rash. Works very fast. Also, their nipple balm is great.

    * Wipe warmers - I read that when you're out and about the wipes won't be warm so get your baby use to cold wipes
    * Bottle sterilizer - just boil a big pot of water and throw everything in there
    * Bottle warmer - boil some water and put the bottle in there. It'll warm up in no time. I actually never warmed up formula i gave it to them at room temp.
    * Baby food maker - just make the food in a blender or food processor
    * Baby detergent - Just get some clean/clear detergent
    * Don't bother with a lot of newborn diapers just get size 1. Hospitals start with size 1 unless they're preemies. Same for newborn clothes just get 3 months and up
    * Don't get a lot of pacifiers. Some babies don't like them or they'll be like my kids and just suck their thumbs
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  7. Bumbo? They never existed when i had kids but we got one for my grandson.. that was so bloody useless lol.

    I do agree on baby detergent, i just told my daughter get some tide free instead...

    We also bought my grandson a booster seat with a tray after we got sick of falling over the full size high chair and i know my daughter now swears she'll never buy another high chair again lol.

    A battery operated swing.. omg, plug in only... all my kids loved swings and so did my grandson but the batteries might of well taken stock in them lol!
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  8. ah that's the name of that! seems like every celeb and instagram-blogger has them
  9. Following this thread! I'm expecting my first in September and this information is gold!
  10. I agree with the wipe warmer. I never used it - especially after reading about the mold concerns. Because yeah, thats what I also need to worry about after becoming a new mom with a fragile newborn.... moldy wipes!
  11. Omg I had one of those warmer things. Then I started to wonder if the warmer would cause bacteria growth and couldn't get that out of my mind. Probably not but a new mom's mind is very paranoid! Lol
  12. High end or designer baby clothes, Halloween costumes and shoes that are totally unuseable. I bought Burberry dress and trench coat type jacket and faux fur coat from Janie and Jack, some elaborate turtle costume and my brother got me Nike high tops when my dd was one. She never ever wore any of it. I had to force her to put stuff on to take pictures. Lol. First born babies have to put up with alot! I was so stupid looking back! Lol
  13. I know this is an old thread, but it's always relevant information for someone. We were fearless when it came to eliminating big-ticket items. Luckily, it worked out well for us.

    For our family, the most useful thing was the baby sling. Not a kangaroo carrier with straps or anything, but a simple cloth folded in half lengthwise and sewn into a loop. Baby sat in the pocket made by the fold. We lived in it for a full year, freeing my arms and entirely eliminating the need for a stroller, baby swing, etc.

    Useless items for us would have been:
    - a crib. We co-slept. (This practice is controversial in the States, so YMMV. Check with your pediatrician for an opinion on whether or not this will work for your situation.)
    - a high chair. I fed Baby on my lap or in the sling.
    - changing table. I mean, honestly.
    - toys. Since newborns can't play, I read aloud instead. Toys came later by the thousands, whether we wanted them or not.
    - cutesy clothes. They're impossible to get on/off and clean, babies are uncomfortable in them, and they are outgrown in a matter of minutes.
    - Bottles and formula, since I nursed.

    I did have a "diaper bag", which was mainly used on those occasions when Baby stayed for a few hours with a caregiver. That bag, a black MbMJ tote, is now used as a carry-all for snacks and such at sporting events, since Baby is now Preteen.
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  14. We bought bjorn baby cradle for $349. our baby doesn't like it at all. Its also too expensive. I would recommend you if you are really interested in buying something that worth it. You should buy baby swing rockers having dual functionality. They are affordable and also can soothe babies easily. I was convinced after reading reviews from here. So I made up my mind and bought it. Now I'm completely satisfied with my decision.