the most unnecessary baby-item you bought

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  1. As a new mom-to-be I am wondering what was the most un-used gear you bought? What would you not recommend to buy?
  2. We bought a $200 baby swing/rocker. It was like an amusement park ride. My son thought it was okay, didn’t really care one way or the other. For the price, totally wasn’t worth it. And it was also heavy and took up a lot of space.

    The other waste of money was the baby crib mobile. A white noise machine was a much better buy.
  3. So many reviews said the NoseFrida was so much easier than the regular nose bulbs. We did not find that to be the case at all. We did end up buying nose bulbs made of clear plastic that break into two pieces so we could clean them regularly and could see when they needed to be cleaned. They were $12 each and I think were totally worth it!

    We went VERY minimalist with buying stuff for our son because we knew we were moving to a new city when he was seven weeks old—and we are moving again when he is 15-16 months (lots of planned job changes). So I actually don't think we have too much stuff that didn't work or was never used. Here are what I'm most glad I bought:

    -Electronic nail grinder. Ours came with very soft tips for babies and tips for adults to use as well. It's so much easier than trying to clip, and makes it impossible to accidentally clip him!

    -SwaddleMe swaddles. There are a million brands of swaddles and some expensive ones are probably really great—but these are cheap and the velcro is in just the right places. Remember: if you think your baby doesn't like being swaddled, nine times out of ten you're just not swaddling them tight enough!

    -Ubbi diaper pail. We live in a small apartment, and when this pail is closed, you don't smell anything, even if you're two feet away. Leaving it open is another story, but that's going to be true with any brand. I chose this brand also because it doesn't require special bags—you can just use regular kitchen trash bags.

    -When I was still breastfeeding, I loved using Healthy Mama soothing nipple spray after feedings instead of sticky lanolin. I loved those cooling/healing pads for your nipples (I had lots of breastfeeding issues...) as well. Just note that they can be used for a few days at a time, so don't throw them out every time you wear them!

    A thing I wish I'd bought: anti-scratch mittens with velcro around the wrist. We had regular mittens at the hospital and they just flew off every time he moved. He scratched his face so much in the beginning, even when we thought we'd trimmed them down all the way. These would have helped with that.

    That's all I can think of right now—congratulations on your pregnancy!!
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  4. Electric baby wipes warmer (received as gift). Dumbest thing ever. Rub a wipe between your hands for 30 sec to "warm it up" if necessary.

    Baby swing. Fortunately we borrowed one from a friend since it turned out baby disliked it. Returned it quickly.

    On the other hand I LOVED the Nose Freda. Totally cleared up baby's nose without freaking baby out. Baby hated the bulb extractor.
  5. Lol. Which just goes to show that what you use and like will be 100% dictated by your little one!
  6. LOL I completely agree with you! And it doesn't change after the baby years. :biggrin:
  7. I agree with the wipe warmer, definitely unnecessary. My daughter loves her swing (we have a Mamaroo) so it really depends on the child. We have both the Boppy lounger and pillow. The pillow I found to be useless and actually uncomfortable for our daughter. Now the lounger was great and we still use it.
  8. I was gifted a baby pillow...didn't think it was necessary item
  9. Every baby and mom is different. No matter what, you will buy things you don't use, and place emergency Amazon Prime orders at 3am for items you decide you can't live without. It's all part of the fun. :smile:
  10. Gosh, we never had any of these things. Both my boys HATED being swaddled and are both still fidgets to this day. We've never had anything to clear noses and can honestly say we never needed it. We never had (or needed) scratch mittens. I've always clipped their nails with clippers; I didn't get on with baby scissors (athough Grandma was fine with them!) I've never even heard of a wipe warmer; my boys just got a shock to the system. Reading this, I must have tortured my kids!

    Best buys by far, though, were Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym and sleeping bags.
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  11. Diaper genie
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  12. Steam steriliser: some fiddling, took up space. Personally found it easier to boil my glass bottles. Now, EBM - hot soapy water. Some places say same for formula, others say sterilise due to the difference in milk properties.
  13. A rocker specifically for the nursery. The baby sleeps in our room and im rarely in her room.

    Diaper genie. I hate the smell of soiled diapers and instead put them in the munchkin arm and hammer diaper bag refills. I get them out of the house daily
  14. Bottle sterilizer (steam)
  15. Changing table
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