the most u hav splurged on a beaty product and and wht is it

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  1. ???
  2. Right off my head.. probably Chanel Teint Innocence or BeneTint. Both times my friends tried to persuade me into not buying them lol.
  3. $115 for Dior Capture moisturizer. I just don't think Dior skincare is for me, although I love their makeup. The Capture is supposed to be super moisturizing, but i'm just not convinced.
  4. La Prairie moisturiser around $135 I think? It's not working that well for me, so I think La Mer might me next.
  5. probably SK-II Airflash foundation.
    I didn't like it at all.
  6. La Mer !!!
  7. La Mer here too!
  8. It was La Prairie Caviar something or other mositurizer and I swear it was more than $300.00! (maybe even 500 - I have wisely erased it from my memory and it now resides in my Hall of Shame, LOL) And I ended up not using it all because I hated the smell! What a dope! Now I stick with mostly Olay.
  9. A primer that doubles as a serum by CoverFX. It was $45.
  10. La Prairie moisturizer
  11. A pumpkin enzyme peel by Lucrece that was $100 and a hot peel by Epicuren that was about $100. Love both the products and worth every penny.

    Perricone has some pretty pricey products that my mom has purchased for anywhere from 100-500, but she loves them and they work well for her.
  12. Dr.Brandt Laser lighting serum $110
  13. im poor so i would have to say either the 36 dollars for my nars eye shadow or tarte smooth operator for 35 dollars
  14. I'd say Cellcosmet skin care line...they have great eye cream and facial moisturizers...$300 an ounce!

    La Prarie Caviar foundation was probably the most expensive make-up purchase.

    Chantecaille body lotion and was worth it!
  15. That i can remember, $65 for Chanel's Hydramax Active moisture cream. I love this stuff!!