The most times you've had to relist an item on Ebay

  1. Just curious.

    I have a New With Tags pair of gorgeous floral Burberry pants. I've relisted THREE TIMES. Dude, there's a tag on the pants that says $398.00 and I have had them listed for $69.99 with no reserve! I thought somebody would jump to snatch these up. I always have watchers, too, but no bidders. :Push: Doh....

    What about you Ebaying ladies?
  2. Do I want to go there lol! I relisted a pricey purse 3 times :sad: Such a drag with all those fees!
  3. Twinklette, did you list them in The Marketplace forum, too? Pretty much everything I list there gets sold to another board member!
  4. Can't help you out this time,I'm 5'11" don't think the legs would be long enough :biggrin: .Hope you get some bids soon.;)
  5. lol Thanks, Cat! You've done enough. AND I GOT MY DADDY the golf bag, thanks to you! You're such a nice lady. :love: :love: :love:
  6. I had to relist some musical equipment 4 (!!!) times, and still, no one bought it. I listed it on Craigslist, nothing. I still haven't sold it :suspiciou Granted, it was local pickup only because the thing weighs 165 pounds, but still! Argh :evil:

    I did have to relist both pairs of shoes I was selling. The Coach pair sold, the Charles David pair didn't, even when I dropped the price to $30. Guess I'll have to relist them again.
  7. Off my own topic, but sheesh, I'm having so many problems with Ebay. I refunded the seller who claimed she never got what I sent her (I lost the confirmation, my own darn fault, and I probably shouldn't have told her that either), and now I'm about to refund the woman who bought a totebag from me because she claims there is a "huge black stain." Where, I have no idea, but I offered to let her send the bag back. Now I'm paranoid that I'm going to get the bag back and she'll just have put the stain there! Yeesh.
  8. Thankfully, I haven't had too much trouble....until I listed my EPI Speedy. I relisted it last week, and lowered the terms. I have tons of pictures, details, etc. and lots of watchers. It's definitely a let down.
  9. SuLi I wish I liked epi or I'd buy it. It's a great price and a beautiful bag! I hope you find a buyer.

    IntlSet no I didn't list it here. I never realized there WAS this board until February and this was way before that. Bummer as I'm sure I could have sold it here. From now on this will be the FIRST place I list :smile:
  10. my red LV jasmin took 4 times and i had to lower the price A LOT.
  11. I noticed a lot of completed listings on EBAY for the jasmin has a pretty low resale value. I wonder why? It's such a beautiful piece that rarely has any major signs of wear! :wacko:
  12. I relisted a really nice dress 3 times then gave up. I figured I'd get more bang for my buck if I wear it or give it to someone I know who is in need of one or wants it.
  13. I listed a vintage (but used twice and in perfect condition) Burberry shoulder bag (classic flap style) A really gorgeous bag I bought myself in London. I listed it 3 times - I had tons of photos - I could not get a fair price and decided to keep it - It really is a prize but I don't wear it, I have so many new bags - It's kind of like an old lover, good left over feelings but I'm on to more exciting loves right now. I am so pissed I had to pay ebay so much money - they are not getting another dime.
  14. IntlSet, did you buy insurance for the item the buyer "claimed" to not received?

    I just soooo hope she isn't trying to run a scam by pretending not to have received it so she can get a refund and keep the bag too. As for the huge black stain, demand pics of it or if anything request the bag back before issuing a refund. Makes no sense she gets her cake and eat it too. Be wary of some of these scheming ebay buyers. Ooh I have heard some low-down stories.
  15. Thanks baglady! Bah, she hasn't even responded to my offer to refund her money.