The most rediculous thing I've head all day...

  1. I send eBay a formal message stating one of it's users was selling many many fakes. I've sent them multiple messages about how they lack the experience and how they should instate a very strict policy when it comes to selling designer goods.

    Anyway, there is a seller that sells fakes, and when you get the bag, he refuses to return. When you leave him negative feedback , he retaliates by calling you names and leaving you negative feedback. Thus damaging a honest buyer's reputation.

    Without getting to much into it, because that's not really the point.

    I got a very personalized message back from eBay stating it's not their place to regulate the fakes on their site.

    It's up to the Designer Brand them self.

    They will remove Obvious fakes (which we all know they haven't)

    But as far as ones they can't make a decision on , then I should contact the Designer, and have them send a formal request.

    This makes me so mad, because it's not Dior's website. It's not Dior's place to sit on eBay and write formal requests. They shouldn't have too.

    Ebay told me, that they (Designers) have every right to get the fakes removed, but they decide it's not worth it and don't do it.

    I told them they should employ people who have knowledge in this area and they basically told me it would cost more money and they would lose money.

    I care that fakes are getting by because it's wrong and they are ugly, and tacky, but mostly I care about the people getting ripped off.

    Not everyone knows what to look for when they are starting out. And everyone wants to save some money. And because Ebay's lack of diligence and care, too many innocent people are losing a lot of money.

    For as much as they pay for a fake they could have bought a real thing...

    I want Ebay to clean up their act. Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can go about getting them to do so? I want ebay to be a safe and reliable community again.

    Thoughts Please.
  2. Yep ebay's excuse every time they get sued by a designer company is we are only a venue to sell and that it is the brands responsibility.

    Total copout!!!
  3. i REALLY wanna know what happened to that Dior lawsuit but i cant find any new info on it...:cursing:
  4. Not sure but it doesn't seem to have impacted on the way ebay police auctions :sad:

  5. to me that means that Dior doesnt care either, because if they decided to sue, they have means to pursue it and make SURE it impacts maybe they just sued so that it looks like they are doing something about it? :confused1:
  6. I think that's why chanel is no longer so active on ebay, it was a full time job and cost a fortune to have their trademark lawyers police ebay for counterfeits. I am sure they can afford it though.

    The designers get pissed off with ebay's stand on the whole thing which is the "we are just a venue" line trying to shirk responsibility.

    LV sued as well so I am not sure if it was a seperate issue or joint.
  7. Great point & post suzy.

    Ebay dont give a damn, when I see a faje bag having bids over £50 its really depressing that the bidder is getting ripped off and ebay wont do anything about it.
  8. Yeah this really really pisses me off. Like I'm to the point I don't care if I get kicked off of ebay for harassment.

    I make it a point to inform the buyers they got ripped off. Someones gotta do it. I hope in time that it does become a safer place to buy...

    Change of subject real quick.... Anyone know where I can find Navy Blue Glasses?

    I really like these ones but I can't find them in Dark Blue. I want them to match the flight purse....


    And I'm totally in love with these...


    Back to ebay now.... oh I just want to find the owner and shove my fist in his ass.
  9. Oh and about the glasses again.... Sorry not the right thread but hey I'm here...

    So do you think I could pay Dior to Make me Navy Blue Glasses? I mean they make wedding dresses special order... all I'm asking for is Navy Blue frames...

    I would pay a lot. This might sound crazy. But I think they should put out a pair of glasses to match every purse they make.... for fiends like me...
  10. I thought its wasnt possible to contact other ebayers if your not in a current transaction/bid with.

    I would like to do the same as in warn bidders that the bag is fake. But I know that there are some ebayers out there that dont care and like to buy fakes :sad:.
  11. You risk suspension if it is reported but some people do warn others.

    Some appreciate it and some can be quite rude :sad:
  12. Ultimate chic have you warned others before??
  13. I have when a fake is going for a really high price :yes:

    I don't do it often though.
  14. ooh IC,

    I never warned any1 yet
  15. I rely on my ebay account too much so I don't want to push my luck :graucho: