the most random things happen-advice please?

  1. i was working on a practice resume for a job i may apply for on, cause it's free and doesn't use msword. so i didn't post the resume for public viewing or anything, because i'm not looking for a job, ok? i get this random phone call from a dude today asking me if i want a contract job for all of next week scanning upc codes for 10 bucks an hour for 45 hours. totally above board, taxes withheld, w2 forms and everything. he got my resume off of i'm all, "i thought no one could see it" apparently companies that pay a fee can see it anyway. he knows this is totally out of my field, they train, and it's only for a week. is this incredibly sketchy, or does this sound legit to anyone? my mom isn't sure if i should take him up on it or not, and neither am i.
  2. I wouldn't but that's just me
  3. I used to work for a recruiting firm, and we did pay to access resumes on, so there is a possibility that the company is legitimate. If you were interested/looking, I would ask for more information about the company before making a decision.
  4. i think it's legit because how else would they be able to give me tax forms and stuff...but at the same time it just seems weird...but then again, maybe i'm just bitter and cynical :smile: i need to make a decision soon. argh.
  5. organic, I'm sure recruiting agencies can access your resume even if you didn't make them public. But I would be careful not to give them your SS# over email. I have been contacted by many companies via Monster and I make sure they are legitimate companies. They have website, a physical address (not PO Box) etc. Sorry if all this sounds like common sense, but just want to make sure you're careful of your SS#. Good luck on your job hunt.
  6. oh, yes of course, and thank you for that. i appreciate it.
  7. He didnt ask you to wear a maids outfit and meet him at a hotel did he?
    Just kidding!

    If you think its something your interested in....ask questions. Find out who the company is and call them directly. Do a search online to see if they are legit. It by nature doesnt have to be shady. Alot of companies recruit like this.....
    Let us know how it turns out.
  8. It could be legit ......get more info and a phone number and do a some research first b4 u except

  9. u all ways have me cracking up
  10. You all are too cute and funny. Ask questions and do a bit of research before and then make your decisions.
    The computer is creepy...I always feel someone can watch me on here
  11. heck, I think I'd do it. $450 for just one week of the easiest work ever?
    it would buy me the new alice and olivia jacket I'm dying for.
  12. I agree with heavensent, see if you can dig up some more information on the company before committing to anything. If after finding out more information, you don't feel comfortable taking the job, don't do it. There will be other positions and opportunities available.
  13. Find more info out. It seems like it could legit.
  14. :lol: :lol: !!....Selenaaa!! I agree with heavensent and just a reminder, don't give any vital info. on yourself....and listen to your instincts!