The most random reveal ever!!

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  1. My hubby sure is a special one! Here I am, just getting off of work, frantically trying to finish up some packing for our trip to Mexico leaving in less than 12 hrs...
    I realize I need to make a quick Walmart run for some travel bottles, so we hop in the car, no phones, looking like hell now that I'm in my "cleaning the house clothes" but it's ok, it's just Walmart right!!

    Wrong! My husband changed his clothes, I thought for a quick second, "hmmm why is he so dressed up for Walmart"?? But I let it go. Leaving Walmart he INSISTS he needed to go to the mall, the mall almost a hr away from us that was closing in an HOUR!!

    I almost lost it on him... We still have to pack, clean, and I look like crap!!

    We get to the mall, 20mins before they ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462624261.009257.jpg close, he says
    "Well u have 18mins to get your butt in there and pick out your MM evening bag" ( I'm sure you know what it is now! )

    My aggravation quickly dissipated... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462624150.365494.jpg
  2. Ohhh what did you get? So sweet of him.
  3. Ready to see!
  4. Don't let him go. What a guy!!
  5. We have been waiting for an hour Bdub... let's get going!!
  6. It must be 'Favorite' style
  7. What a sweet husband you have!
  8. Here!
  9. Let's see!
  10. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:;):smile:
  11. ⏰!
  12. So sweet!!!
  13. That is so sweet!!!
  14. haha she's on her way to Mexico ;)
    What a sweet husband!
  15. I saw your reveal on another thread. Congrats and have fun in Mexico!