the MOST practical Hermes!

  1. we all adore the birkins but is it really the most useful? if the ideal qualities are roominess, convenience, durability, attractiveness. for example: i prefer the look of the birkin but HATE not having a shouler strap!
  2. Bolide for you then!
  3. yes--i think i may need to go reluctantly understated!
  4. KELLY is the most versatile bag ever!

  5. do you have a 35?
  6. I have a 32 cm kelly
  7. do you mind sharing how you handle the closure when you are out and aboout? the straps? etc?
  8. When I am using it 'hand held', I tend to fully close it, unless I know that I need to be in and out frequently. I then leave the straps dangling and just secure the flap. If I am using the shoulder strap or canvas messenger strap I do the same. Sometimes, when I am using the shoulder/messenger straps, and I am rushing about , I leave both the straps and the flap unsecured.

  9. okay--i see thanks!
  10. how about....the Lindy?:smile:
  11. i totally agree! :yes:
    IMHO, the TGM evelyne 2 clemence meets all the criteria above. :p
    i love it! :heart:
    the bolide 37 mou would be by next choice. ;)
  12. I'd venture to say the Evelyn or Massai for total practicality.
  13. Of the most well known styles, I 'd say the Kelly and the Bolide.

    BOLIDE because it has the zip closure, lots of room inside, feet on the bottom, shoulder strap and top handles.

    KELLY because it has the lock closure, expands to hold quite a bit, inside zip pocket, feet on the bottom, shoulder strap and top handle.
  14. I saw some pictures of a Victoria? It's like a tote bag. Birkin is big like 30 or 35 and I would like to compare it with the Victoria, Kelly 32 or Bolide 37 or Massai .. you know size with size comparison. So that the usuage will be the same?

    I am intrigued by Victoria, what are your thoughts about it? Good, .. bad?

  15. dont know that bag style?