The most popular mens canvas?

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  1. I looked at the LV site (US), and under the "mens bag" I counted this:

    Damier Graphite: 19 bags/items
    Damier Ebene: 19 bags/items and two straps
    Monogram: 12 bags/items and one strap
    Monogram Macassar: 11 bags/items
    Cobalt: 4 bags.

    Do you think this list shows us the trend of which line is the best selling for men?
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    Could be...I must be in the minority though. I only like two things from 3 things from DE and DG, plus the keepalls. Wallets are another story. :P
    Yet again...their isn't much selections to my liking anymore. :hrmm:

    I feel DC is too early to tell about it popularity. It was just release with little products. I would think later on they would offer more for DC. LV need to offer more stuff...their isn't much selections anymore (at least for me). I wish they offer more stuff in Damier Infini, Cuir Taurillon, Naxos, and Utah leather. I feel they are lacking of selling worthy leather bags, especially in messenger bags. lol
  3. You'r right, but I think when a person finally decide to buy a LV bag, they want something recognasible.
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    So true. I am likely to buy something in Monogram or in Damier Ebene for first purchase myself. LOL
    I feel the Damier Ebene print would be the most popular canvas out of the bunch. Quite recognizable and has a beautiful brown tone color. Second place would be Damier Graphite. My younger brother seems partial to Damier Ebene. While I am partial to Monogram Canvas. I have observe many guys seem to prefer the Damier print in either color over monogram, since it feels more masculine and not loud in general.

    But I do also feel LV should offer more development on their leather lines for men who want something more discrete and more luxurious material.
  5. I think it's definitely one of the Damier canvases. I personally prefer Ebene, but I've seen a lot of Graphite reveals from guys here over the years, too.
  6. Maby the Macassar hasn't been the success LV hoped it should be? Why not any suitcases/luggage in Macassar?
  7. Damier Ebene is my favourite too :cool: