The most Outrageous fake i've seen!

  1. So i was having dinner yesterday at a restaurant in town and i saw a lady carrying an azur speedy with crystals/blings all over it. The handles were long and it was just crazy! and this lady had the nerves of asking the waitress for an extra chair to put her precious bag on it. That bag was real crazy. I couldn't resist but ask where she got her bag from and she said her girlfriend got it from thailand for her. Go figure. That sort of explains since Thailand markets have all sorts of fake bags there. No offence to the thais! =)​
  2. LMFAO ! too bad you didnt get any pics . shows how much the distinction of lv and wealth gets to ppl ' s heads .
  3. Dang! I was hoping for some pics of this beauty :throwup:
  4. ^ yeah i was hoping to see pics.

    the other day at the Dallas airport i saw the most horrible fake MC Retro. it looked kind of like this, but in white and without the "eyes":


    the colors and the monogram were completely off..the whole thing screamed FAKE. i should have gotten pics but i was too chicken to do so (plus we were lugging around our carry-ons, getting ready for a flight, no time to whip cell phone out). anyway the girl was carrying it around like she was all that. it's so funny cuz the ppl with fakes are the ones that like to show off their bags the most. so ironic. i guess they buy fake bags just to try to impress people or something...they don't realize that the bag is really so horrible and anybody who notices the bag will notice that it's fake!
  5. ^^ lol and this lady was showing off her bag to her friend. I was like :wtf: They were fussing all over her. I'll see if there is such a bag on google.
  6. I see horrible fakes everyday because less than 20 minutes from home they have a flea market full of them. Yucky! At least I heard they are getting banned there.

    Last week I was at Sephora and this girl is with a nasty multicolore bucket, like 5 colors LV Red, blue, green yellow and purple and the bottom was so worn off that the pleather was all ripped and showing part of the pigskin linning.
  7. ew thats not even just a LV offence thats just a plain old fashion no no . i dont understand the rave with all these hats that carry designer logos on it . to me it looks tacky and just for the point of showing off . :tdown:
  8. Last week I saw a few ladies carried FAKE LV bag at S'pore shopping mall..

    The bag its like the tivoli PM size but with the GM strap (adjustable)... @.@
    Another one is damier ebony speedy 25 with patina strap....
    Some more neverfull MM size with BH strap... :sweatdrop:
  9. "Oh, my bag? It's from the LV by Baby Phat collection."
  10. The WORST fake "item" I ever saw was a man boarding our flight from Seoul to Portland in a LV OUTFIT....A pull over sweatshirt type top and bottoms in the classic Brown and Yellowish letters/signs....I am sure he sweat the whole flight home!!!
  11. pics of them wuld be great....:roflmfao:
  12. lol too funny! love hearing all the fake stories, keep it coming ladies and gents!
  13. I wonder if she even knows it is a fake. She may have no clue. Her friend might have told her it is real.
  14. I saw a girl with a fake MC white t-shirt yesterday in a food court. I almost lost my appetite.
  15. I saw a fake the other day with a big paper tag hanging from it. The girl was actually walking around with the purse and left a "tag" on it!!! And it had feet, it was a speedy.