The most neutral rebecca minkoff color

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  1. Hi I have a question I really want a RM bag in the most natural color. I currently have the Dusty MAB and I ordered the saddle but I didn't like the hardware. What are your thoughts on the glazed espresso, Glazed Almond and Chocolate are these all colors that can be used in the summer any other suggestions.

    Let me know I have a night w/ gold already on the way and have the dark gray MAB that I've used all winter and just love!!!!
  2. I think Chocolate is the most neutral out of the three you listed above, and I just bought myself a Chocolate Matinee for that reason. It's so amazing, the leather is so soft and the color is amazing!
  3. I think you should go for the glazed expresso! I love that color! There are several on ebay right now too ;)