The most luxurious mono LV of all times?

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  1. The monogram print has been growing on my for a long time now, but i've still haven't purchase one yet. Mainly because there are soooooooooooooooo many knock offs out there. I saw a homeless lady on the street today with a fake LV mezzo ( 1 of the purses i was considering buying) I know if i love the style i should get it and people who know handbags will know mine is real.
    My question is what mono bag in your opinon is the least copied?
    I bought a horizontal bagtinolle but returned it after seeing more than a handful of people with it in one day.
    I really want a original mono print purse i need all your ladies input. thanks.
  2. As far as *least copied* the Epi and Vernis lines are by far the least copied. But you want a monogram canvas one so..lets see. IMO, these are the least copied:
    Vive Cite MM
    Vive Cite GM
    Vavin GM
    Popincourt Haut

    All are currently available on eluxury, too.
  3. Saumur (saddle bag) but that may be because may not be as popular (older style) or even the Luco tote (if you are looking for a tote style)?
  4. How about the babylone, looping? I see it, but not as much as some of the others.
  5. I like your first choice, the mezzo. I also really like the multiplicite. I don't really care if it's knocked off a lot. Anyone with know-how would know its real. If you carry a real bag and someone thinks its fake then they are the dumb ones, KWIM?
  6. Tough question. Mono is so faked, almost every style is available :mad:

    My personal favorite is the Sac Shopping. It's been discontinued but they do pop up on ebay for good prices and some are in great condition. And you can always get the vachetta replaced at LV so if the mono canvas is in good condition, you'll have a new bag!
  7. I don't see too many Sac Plats faked (atleast, I don't think I do)
  9. i hace to say that i think the speedy is but you dont want a bag that there is alot of people with.
    I think the sonatina is a nice classic bag.
  10. I love the canvas, anyway sad but true everybody nowadays have Lv obviously, fake. If I were you, I´d go for sth in multicolor, you can easily identify a real one from a fake because of the colors. Here in Mexico ALL the counterfeeitng that i see in multicolor has just 6 or 7 colors, as in, if the Lv is green, the flower above does too.

    I´d rather also go for the perfo or suede. They are all in one, brand new, ltd ed, and very cuuute!. Also vernis is dufficult to find.
  11. I've seen the popincourt haut faked quite a bit, which is really upsetting.

    I rarely see the croissant faked, apparently it's pretty difficult to manufacture something of that shape, and if you've ever seen the fakes they are just a far cry from the original !
  12. You know I was out today in South Jersey and I saw so many random women carrying fakes. It really made me sick to my stomach. I dont get it. And they walk around like they are just sooo special. One chick had a "Piano" with no leather bottom and about a size between the piano and the mezzo. She looked like a filthy slob. Dirty greasy hair. Torn and food stained t shirt. She looked so bad.
  13. You're right. My friend has a fake croissant and the leather is like rock-hard! :lol:
  14. I get more compliments on this bag than any other.
  15. I've seen a couple of fake Viva-Cites in my area. The mono KLARA is soooo pretty and I haven't seen any fakes of it yet.
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