The Most Important Man In Your Life ?

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Who's the most important man in Your life ?

  1. Husband

  2. Father

  3. Brother

  4. Boyfriend

  5. Uncle

  6. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Who's The Most Important Man In Your Life ?
    Why ?
  2. Even though I have a boyfriend and a brother, I would say that my father is the most important man in my life because family should always comes first. I am also just very thankful for all the love and support that he's given me. :heart: Can you tell that I'm a daddy's girl? :shame:
  3. My hubby. He's my best friend and confidante...I would be lost without him! He keeps me grounded and yet still allows me my silly indulgences.
    #2 would be daddy...I'll always be Daddy's little girl :smile:
  4. i voted my bf :love: why? he understands me SO well and he's just my rock... from the good to the bad days he just knows how to make it a little better, plus, we've grown up together - been together for 5 years i think :shame: lots of ups and downs but its made us both stronger people. :supacool:
  5. Definitely my boyfriend. I basically don't have a dad..
  6. I chose husband, never had a dad.
  7. The most important male in my life is my Son.

    I have to say that my husband would obviously be second. But, my son is the single most important thing I've ever done, and that was to give him life. I have the biggest, most important job any woman could have in raising a kind, productive, loving, trustful, well-adjusted human being!!

    I hope to God that I will be successful at it. And that's the most important THING I will have contributed to this world.
  8. My dad. I have the most awesome father a person could ever dream of. Plus, a great mom, too!
  9. Right now, it's my brother. I love him so much, and I kow he loves me a lot, too, even though he rarely says it.

    I'm hoping that I'll have a boyfriend soon, and then eventually a husband.

    It would NEVER be my father. I have no love for the person who has emotionally abused me my entire life.
  10. my father of course..... husbands can come and go (hopefully not) but i only have one father....
  11. I love what you wrote about your son! :heart: :love: That is so sweet, I can already tell how a loving mother you are.

    For me I would say my dad, and my little brother! My little brother was born when I was 8 so, I feel like I am also helping raising him!
  12. My husband....we grown together for 14 years...He is my rock, my strength and my greatest love of all time....
  13. i am so blessed to have many amazing men in my life!

    my husband. he knows me better than i know myself sometimes. :love:

    my father. he shaped every notion i have about life, hard work, marriage, family and unconditional love. he is my role model and biggest supporter.

    my brother. he is the best most awesome friend a girl could ask for!

    yay family! :yes:
  14. My son!!!:nuts: Although I have an amazing DH as well!!!:graucho:
  15. My son! If I didn't have him, I don't know where I'd be right now. He keeps me grounded and gives my life meaning and purpose.