The Most Hideous Bag I've Ever Saw!

  1. Can you believe this seller? I can't, the nerve of some people, then it's listed as "100% AUTHENTIC GUARANTEED," this bag makes me SOOOO :sick: The stitching on the inside is so poorly put together; It's not a good fake at all, if there is such a thing. If this bag makes you want to :sick:, then post a reply, put it on the burn page.
  2. haha its an Audra hybrid
  3. Gross, but I think that shoe bag was worse :lol:
  4. that thing's as fake as her *****. was that catty? oooops... HATE FAKES!
  5. Wow. She even put "x2 REFUND IF FAKE!! 100% Satisfaction Guranteed."

    And -

    Just. . .someone please warn these people. That thing looks like my baby brother sewed it on with his eyes closed.
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  6. ROFL!!! :lol:
  7. :lol:
  8. Hahahahaha I hate fakes but at least they make funny conversation. I agree with Noriko, the stiletto boot handbag was the worst lol.



  10. wow ...for 2 times the price..maybe I will buy it and give it back for double the money so that I can save up for a real one! :lol::lol::biggrin::biggrin:

    (just a joke people :lol:)
  11. The bag is a fake as the model in the pic. It looks like a boy who stuffed his bra. Look how long the arms are.
  12. Ouch my eyes, my eyes!!
  13. MssTammy :lol: :lol: I was just going to post the same thing!!! I'm so sick of people claiming that bags are authentic when they are horrible fakes...I've started emailing the ebayers and shaming them! We should band together and start emailing the sellers that there are cruel people. Maybe they don't understand all the bad things that occur to get fakes on the market Here is what I just emailed the seller

    Hello, Wow 2x my money back if this is not authentic..what a great way to make a couple hundred bucks!! You should be ashamed of yourself for lying to the public. You and I know that this bag is 1 million percent FAKE!!!! SHame on YOU!!!
  14. SOmeone should just bid.. and win the bid.. and then send an invoice to the seller for the final price x 2 and tell the seller that you want your money / refund now. :biggrin: :biggrin:
  15. I cannot believe that people are bidding on that! Maybe they want to cash in on that 2x's your money back?