the most hated type of pimple in the world!!!..

  1. sigh.. the kind that stay UNDER THE SKIN!! has anyone else had this problem? where it's just a red painful bump that NEVER seems to go away?
    well I have one right now!! and i want to get rid of it before valentines day!!

    anyone have any suggestions? TIA!
  2. I NEVER really break out and I have the SAME pimple, Under the skin and feels HUGE!! its on my right cheek :cursing:
  3. its called a cystic zit and they are sooo painful I get them all the time.
    so heres what I do. first i warm water so its hot to warm not scalding not Luke warm (to open the pore). take the warm-hot water soak a wash cloth in it and then set the warm wash cloth on the area for 5-10 mins. then I take some tea tree oil (which is antibacterial so it'll help with the infection) and put it on the spot still keeping the warm wash cloth there. I reapply the tea tree oil a few times I do this for probably 15-20 mins. after this I let it calm down a bit then I take an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel so its not to cold and hold on it for a little while to help reduce the swelling. lastly I apply some cortisone cream (which is the cream version of what the dermatologist would inject in the zit this also helps with swelling) I apply this every once a while up until I go to bed. this is a long process but its very relaxing and it really helps it heel a lot faster.
  4. Never had one..but I would imagine going to the derm would help. Can you get Cortizone shots for these pimples? Sorry I have no idea. :shrugs:

    Edit- LOL, notvalidchoice, we posted at the same time. I guess Cortizone will work!!! :biggrin:
  5. Ugh. I hate those! What I do is I just dab the pimple with Clean & Clear pimple cream. That stuff really gets the job done.

  6. This is extremely helpful and makes perfect since, I know this is probably a stupid question but where do I buy this tea tree oil? lol
  7. yes i've had one of these before..they really really hurt and are HUGE! sadly, even though i try to pop it b/c i always try to pop all my pimples ( b/c i only get ONE once in a while) these don't really pop lol..since they are under the skin...but anyway...i haven't really tried anything to make them go away other than put concealer over it w/ makeup to try to hide the redness.......but to tell you the truth they last for like 2 weeks which SUCKS!!
  8. I used to get these. I just went to the derm and got a cortisone shot. It would be gone in a day or so. My insurance covered it. Got many done!
  9. i heard sak's carries this =)
  10. you can get tea tree oil in any health food store. its fantastic for zits and it only takes a little.
  11. you can get a slightly bigger bottle for the same price at health food store I usually get mine at Fred Meyer its pretty inexpensive. you can also find blemish sticks with tea tree oil there too. which are always handy.
  12. I buy tea tree oil at Whole Foods. When I'm having issues with breakouts, I mix a little but of it into my moisturizer (Cetaphil). It's a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, so it kills bacteria and reduces redness at the same time.

    For cystic pimples: I wash my face as usual, then I do a hot water compress, then I put Mario Badescu Drying Lotion on the spot. If you do this a couple nights in a row it should go away...
  13. these are the worst. i hate when i feel one coming on...

    clean and clear makes this little stick of salicyclic acid called "clean and clear advantage" and i dab it on there before bed and in the morning it has already started to go away... i just continue until it's gone. but make sure you don't use it if you have already messed with it and made a scab because for me it just messes everything up even more.
  14. I just/still have one of them. But mine is HUGE. Its on my chin and i swear it's like a second chin, its that big. Its not really red...but its a huge bump and it hurts. It's going away now...its been 5 days since i first got it.

    But i've had certain "bumps" on my skin for like months now...its sooooo weird. Its not a pimple...its just like a bump under my skin that will sometimes develop into a pimple, then go away and then come back again. My derm is retarded...he tells me to just put on retina which doesnt help.