The most gorgeous Epi Voltaire! Someone get it!!!

  1. do you know what retail was on this item?
  2. The pouch? You mean the drawstring dust bag?
  3. I don't know what retail is on this item. Maybe someone here who has an old price list can help us!
  4. LOL yeah, I just fixed that in my post. I've just never seen one like that before....have you? Is it legit?
  5. I've seen drawstring dust bags before but not with the blue string though the old shopping bags were a combination of brown packaging and blue handles. The datecode and the font seem to look good and match with something made in spain and also with the year. From my experience, I would say it's real but I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction! Perhaps it's best to place it in the authenticate this thread for more people to see? I did put it up as a post because I believed it was real and a good deal for a discontinued piece.
  6. In the auction it said $1200 but I'm not sure about that.
  7. I just posted it in the authenticate this forum for those who are interested.
  8. I went out to dinner wondering if anyone was going to take the bag. Jazz, did you see the authenticate thread? Lee69 also thinks it's authentic. =)
  9. OMG! why did you have to show me this!
  10. anyone going to bid on this? I'm scared to.
  11. well only one bidder and they have a negative 2 feedback! maybe its not real?
  12. :crybaby: It's gone at $299:wtf: .:hrmm: But I'll block -ve feedback bidders IMO.