The most GORGEOUS '05 black city I ever saw!

  1. OMG, that is gorgeous leather! I have 3 from SS 06 and the leather is divine. I'd be after this if I didn't have a black work and first:love:
  2. Beautiful! :love: Thanks for sharing Zac! :smile:
    (Just curious - is this Toni's auction? If so, good luck!) :flowers:
  3. How tempting...
  4. Nice!
  5. that's beautiful... so weird how i can't find it when i search one eBay... >_<"
  6. eping, eBay has been acting strange today! That green boobie keeps showing up in the new items for me but when I click on it, it's sold. Other ones keep appearing and disappearing as well.
  7. yippy, this bag belongs to a dear friend of mine & i can tell you it's stunning :love:...whoever wins this baby will be one lucky ducky!!!
  8. This bag is soooooooo beautiful...if only I didn't have a black city already.............

    aaa - how long did the purse ban last???
  9. There have been the best Bbags and Bal accessories on eBay this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: We are on the ball here in Achtung!!!!!!!
  10. Wow, that's beautiful. the more I think about it, the more I'd love a black city and and 05 would be awesome....
  11. Amazing leather !
  12. LVlady99 has another '05 up with best offer option...
  13. Beautiful!!
  14. WOW it's TDF:drool: It's so GORGEOUS!!!! I am not sure who's auction it is.... but goodluck with your sale!!!