The Most Frustrating Thing That Can Happen ?

  1. The worst thing that can happen to me, at the last moment, as I'm about to leave for a dinner or event is:
    One of the kids gets sick, babysitter cancels or is late, nails chip, polish smudges or my heel breaks.

    Whats the worst thing that can happen to you, just as your about to leave for the evening.?
  2. I hate to even think about it but the worst is: getting a phone call and hearing that something bad has happened to your child. It has happened to me and I am never really free of the apprehension.
  3. to scary to think about.
  4. The battery to our jeep died just as we were getting ready to meet friends for drinks in another part of the city last Friday night! We were ready to go and the jeep just wouldn't start. So depressing!

    Luckily we have great friends, and they all changed their plans to meet us in our part of Philly! And the next morning we were able to get the battery repaired (turns out it just has some rust build up on the wires-or something!).
  5. Right now the worst thing that can happen is if I flunk one of my subjects and can't attend university this fall. And of course, if something would happen to the people around me or if my room burns up with all my books, dvd's and my purses.
  6. Last time I had tickets to an event that I was really looking foward to, my son got very sick and I had to take him into the ER. I had to give my tickets to my Sister in Law.:sad: My son was better the next day though thank God.
  7. not getting my dissertation done n my three reports, that would be the worst thing ever...
  8. The worst thing that HAS happened just as we were going out was: I heard water running and asked my husband if he left the water on in the kitchen or something. He said, no, and we went down into the basement to find that a water pipe had burst (it was the middle of winter) AND the only shut-off valve was buried somewhere under the snow. It took an hour and a half for the utilities man to come and shut it off, we ended up being over 2-1/2 hours late, and had a HUGE mess to clean up in the basement!