the most famous HERMES auction site in JAPAN

  1. ¡Ú³ÚÅ·»Ô¾ì¡ÛShopping is Entertainment! ¡§ ¥¤¥ó¥¿¡¼¥Í¥Ã¥ÈºÇÂçµé¤ÎÄÌ¿®ÈÎÇä¡¢ÄÌÈÎ¥ª¥ó¥é¥¤¥ó¥·¥ç¥Ã¥Ô¥ó¥°¥³¥ß¥å¥Ë¥Æ¥£

    here you can find all BIRKINs :

    ¡Ú³ÚÅ·»Ô¾ì¡Ûbirkin ¤Î¸¡º÷·ë²Ì¡§ÄÌÈΡ¦¥¤¥ó¥¿¡¼¥Í¥Ã¥È¥·¥ç¥Ã¥Ô¥ó¥°

    share with you all gals this website. it's the most famous designer bags auction site in JAPAN, almost all hermes bags you can find it here. i was told all sellers here need to pass a very strict audit on it's authorization,so, should be no worry its authentity. HOPE SO!:nuts: but no idea about japanese at all.
    ,still can enjoy this beautiful pictures:lol:

    btw: 1 us$=117.8 japanese Yen:lol:
  2. Well I wouldn't be so blue-eyed about authenticity guaranteed on that site as there's definitely fakes on there.
  3. I wasn't aware that rakuten (name of site linked above) required satisfaction of authenticity for sellers. I always viewed it like eBay -- buyer beware.
  4. oh, really? :nuts: but i saw their items at least the pictures very authentic. i always saw it too very often, take it as the hermes items shopping guide.:confused1:
  5. Some of their items are DEFINITELY fake, also in the pics.
  6. Have to agree with tokyogirl, Rakuten is the Japanese version of eBay. Buyer beware...