The Most Fakes.


Which of these designer brands do you think has a lot of fakes???

  1. Chanel

  2. Dior

  3. Fendi

  4. Louis Vuitton

  5. Gucci

  6. Others! Please specify

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  1. SORRY! I forgot the poll!!!

    Which of these designer brands do you think has a lot of fakes???

    Louis Vuitton
    Others, please specify.
  2. LV definitely has the most knockoffs in my opinion. They're everywhere!
  3. I vote for LV too.. Every Sunday, it's normal to see a fake LV everywhere because of the domestic helpers roaming around Hong Kong every Sunday!
  4. Ooppsss, I meant to vote for LV, but clicked Fendi by accident. But I have read that there are more fake Fendis in the world than real ones.
  5. Lv... no question! Honestly, everybody has one. You'll walk into any store and see at least one fake one. It's really kind of sad.
  6. LV! Unfortunately, I think it actually cheapens the brand. :sad:
  7. I don't think it cheapens the bags. If you know your brands you will know if it is real or not.

    And I think Chanel and LV are being faked a lot.
  8. Its LV, end of story. Seems that the poll is accurate imo with Chanel next.

    It may not cheapen the bag, but with LV EVERYWHERE, I personally wouldnt want my wife carrying any (I see folks, no offense to anyone, that are working full time as cashiers at grocery stores carrying larger, bigger LVs than my wife. And only the few know its a fake).
  9. Coach, definately, in my area. I don't see that many LV's ( and I probably wouldn't really be able to easily detect fakes,anyway).
  10. coach. way way way coach. coach a LOT.
  11. lv's probably right up there too, just not where i live ya know?
  12. Definitely LV... in my town also lots of Gucci.
  13. I think on this poll LV wins (as it were!) hands down, but definately in the UK, Burberry is the worst.

    I would say that I see more (very, very bad fake) Burberry and LV in the UK than I see any other bag. Thats partly why Burberry have stopped doing designs where the Nova Check is so predominant. You only see the Nova Check on linings and detail now.
  14. i think nowadays all major brands and "it" bags are being fake. think the answer depends on where we stayed. For me it's LV, Gucci, Coach, Burberry, Prada
  15. So if you live in an area where all the high end bags are seen often(all real) would that cheapen the bags as well?

    I live in an area like that.