The Most Fakes

  1. Which of these designer brands do you think has a lot of fakes???

    Louis Vuitton
    Others, please specify.
  2. I would say LV, solely based on what I see around here. Then, it would be Coach. I see tons of both, and it is almost always the logo ones.
  3. Most would be LV, but they all get faked.
  4. For me, the last 4 "Coach" bags I have seen were fake. I guess it depends on your area of the country. I don't see too many brands besides Coach and Dooney in my area. It is pretty rare to see LV.

    I guess,too, if it isn't a brand you know, you won't neccesarily know the bag is a fake. I saw a girl at Somerset mall in Troy,MI with a Chanel Cambon tote. I was thinking to myself, (I hope that is fake), because it was filthy. I can't tell you how irked I was by that.