the most exspensive thing you ever bought

  1. what is the most expensive thing you have ever bought clothes shoes furniture ect ....
  2. Besides Homes & crs? Definately Furniture!
  3. My house, then our cars tied with the home decorators (includes the furniture).
  4. Do homes count?
    We spend a butt load on our homes.
    Otherwise, cars, furniture, traveling. . .
  5. The shack we call home (darn SF Surreal Estate!), and the dogs, whose initial cost wasn't so bad, but now keeps climbing up, up, up!
  6. my condo, car, tiffany jewelery
  7. Computer! I'm still a student and I inherited my car. After computers would be the brakes on my car (didn't inherit a warranty unfortunately), then the alternator on my car, then my bike, then my couch...purses aren't even on the list!
  8. so far?

    my dSLR - Nikon d50 with all the accesories


    my computer
  9. I think it would my Paddington. I worked in a furniture store for a while and I got a pretty sweet deal on my furniture, other wise it would be my bed frame and mattress.
  10. #1 - condo
    #2 - car
  11. Ummm... with my own money? Lol. A purse. And that isn't even horribly expensive by tPF standards! But I haven't had to buy any of my cars or computers... and I don't own any property yet.
  12. I don't work yet & my parents still pay for everything..but the one most expensive thing I bought with my own saved up money was my ipod mini :P hehe
  13. sure does
  14. travelling
  15. the single most expensive thing i bought was my car (even though my parents gave me the money for it :P). it's a used 2001 Toyota Corolla, but i paid $6300 for it because there were only 14000+ miles on it and relatively new