The most expensive mahina

  1. Taking your advice, I bought the Mahina XL in noir yesterday. I called Saks NYC last night and had it shipped to my sisters (so I saved the tax). I was totally excited because the SA saved me tax and shipping costs.
    After an hour of calling it in, I got a phone call from the SA that my card needed authorization-no problem because I barely use the card I was using so I called and released it. She gave me the all clear and I thought I was all good. About five to eight before the store closed I had another message from the SA that there was still a problem with authorization. I called my bank AGAIN. My mouth almost hit the floor.
    They had rung the bag at 31,000 not 3100. Even though I called them and said it was me making the purchase and it was good purchase the system bounced it out because it was still wrong. I never use this card for big purchases-we usually use AMEX or I like to buy my bags in cash. So the system wouldn't let it go through-thank God-thats my bag budget for the year!! So the bank reversed the entire transaction and now I have to call Saks this afternoon to re purchase the bag!!

    I normally trust ordering my bags over the phone, but after last night I just have to say be careful!! I am going to from now on wait on the phone and hear that it went through and what they are charging. If not I would have owned the WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE MAHINA. Talk about paying up-that is 27,900 dollars over retail for bag I saw in 4 different stores last night!
  2. thank god it didn't push through! although im pretty sure you would've gotten your money back if that transaction happened (after, of course your heart attack upon seeing your cc bill with that amount). congrats on your mahina! now you can say that it costs $31,000 hehe
  3. wow!!! silly SA's xx
  4. lol for a second I thought they rang you up for the Exotic mahnia... but thats like $44k
  5. Please, right now I called Saks and I have no idea what is going on. The manager is saying there is nothing wrong with the sale? I am so confused.
  6. Wow, that is pretty scary. I would hate to be stuck with a bill like that but then again, I don't have a CC with a limit that high! I love the Mahina, can't wait for pics. I am dying for one myself. Good to know they are still available in the US, I'm curious about Canada.
  7. I just spoke to SAKS, they tried to run my card one too many times today and the loss prevention cancelled my transaction. Now I have to run into the city and personally swipe my card. I am frustrated, but this bag is worth it.
  8. I love my Mahina and I am sure you till too, but 31000 is a wee bit much. LOL. Crazy!!!
  9. Arghh, that is very frustrating, but I agree it is worth it! Cannot wait to see pics.
  10. Wow --- that would indeed have been the world's most expensive Mahina XL (regular, not exotic). What a hassle you had to go through! Congratulations on the new bag, though --- when you finally pick her up you'll forget all about all the troubles because you will be totally in love!