The Most Expensive First Ever???

  1. Well here she is! Many were questioning my sanity when I bid so high for this Bubblegum Pink First, and here she is for you to judge for yourselves. I must say that I think the bag is totally worth the cost, and I guess that is all that matters. Now my only dilemma is whether I can use it or not!

    :wtf: say! Well I had not owned or even saw a First in person before I bought this bag and although it is TDF, I am not sure if I will be able to put it to good use. Just like I experienced with the 05 Turq Twiggy I bought, it is horrible to love the bags color, leather, and brand new condition but have it not be in one of my favorite styles. So while I am pondering what to do take a gander at this beautiful bag! I am still deciding which accessory I like best on it.
    Ps...the demand for my bag accessories has been keeping me so busy lately I have missed stopping by and visiting with all of you! But I suppose that is a good dilemma to have.
    IMG_8037.jpg IMG_8074.jpg IMG_8040.jpg IMG_8039.jpg IMG_8063.jpg
  2. So beautiful! I love that color! Congratulations, Deana, I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of her!!!
  3. Stunning!
  4. ooooooo! It is so prettttty! I love the leather!
  5. Deana, it is beautiful. I missed the thread about you buying it, but she looks like she'd be worth it! :smile:

    Please be sure to post any new charmies that you come up w/, they are delightful!
  6. Deana, this bag is beautiful. And congratulations on the success of your bag accessories business.
  7. Yummmmmy Leather.

    Fabulous! Oh Gosh!

    And she's already accessorize! Absolutely divine! :love:
  8. Deana,
    She's BEAUTIFUL : ). I have a bubblegum first too, and like you, I have the dilemma of loving EVERYTHING about it (although mine doesn't look quite as new as yours) but not really sure about the size. I think I will probably try to take it for a spin and see if my opinions will change... I really hope I'll end up loving it though cuz I really do love the color and the leather!
  9. deana..
    it is gorgeous..the leather looks absolutely perfect. i'm sure you can use it when you run a few quick errands or something. congrat on the bag and on the success of your charm business!!!!!
  10. :love: Deana it's gorgeous!!! I like the 2nd braid picture the best. Mine BG City arrived today and it's perfect. That pretty much completes my wish list.............until I see one on eBay that I can't resist. :p
    I know what you mean by the style. It's too small for me. I like the older flat brass because they are a little bigger but the strap is much longer with somehow balances the size. I wish they would give an option of buying longer straps.
  11. Oohhh... pretty bubblegum!!! :love:
  12. OMG!!! Major drool here!!:drool::drool::drool:

    Deana she is perfect, BBGUM is just one of the best 05 colours along with Magenta of course!! :love:Congrats! I find this size is perfect as an evening bag!
  13. very pretty - if you love it, its worth the money!
  14. She's soooooooo pretty!! :tender:

    And congrats on ya bustling bag accessories biz!!
  15. I think havings a couple of firsts in 'wow' colors is great, I use mine as evening bags, too. Congratulations!