The Most Durable Bag You've Owned?

  1. I tend to carry alot of stuff in my bags, up to and including heavy Accounting textbooks:sad: so I tend to buy bags that are not only beautiful but functional.

    The most durable bag I've ever owned bar none was a Black Marc Jacobs Stella. I bought it in the beginning of 2004 and just gave it away so I could have an excuse to buy others :graucho: Poor bag has been beat up, rained on, spilled on and carried to death lol

    Second place is a Coach Soho tote that's 6 years old!

    Third is a Bottega Veneta Woven leather tote that has survived NYC winters and summers:love: I think I'm keeping this one forever and ever :love:

    So ladies, what are your picks for durability?
  2. Definitely my Dooney...great in our rainy Seattle weather! Although it's now out of style :hrmm:
  3. Its never out of style if you :heart: it! Which line is it from? All weather? Alto? I want a Dooney in Alto, but I think the color scuffs easily. . .? Not sure. Still want one, because: purses = :heart:33!

    Well, I dont have many bags, but my JP Lizzy tote & Timberland messenger bag win by default since I use them the most. They've been thrown ALL around and are still holding up 100% (but I guess Timberland is made for that kind of treatment, lol).
  4. My Filson's field satchel. 10 years of abuse and still ticking! :shame:
  5. My picks are my Longchamp and Chapelier totes...they taken many beatings, but have held up well for the price.
  6. My Burberry Nova Check tote, but now I think my LV BH is probably as durable.
  7. My Balenciaga Cities. They are indestructable.
  8. I have a huge $80 BeBe see thru vinyl tote I bought about 6 years ago and that this is ABUSED! Its still in brand new condition. It has had a whole can of coke spilled in it. A melted chocolate bar smashed into the bottom..and it just wipes clean. It is also my yard sale good luck bag. I take it everyweekend. I would never get rid of it. After that my BH LV but I wouldnt abuse that one. To $$$
  9. Louis Vuitton Big back pack and anything in Gucci heavy nylon. All have survived kids and trips round the world, many times.
  11. My Coach leather large duffle. I used to throw that all around, take it in rain & snow, and stuff it with school books and supplies. The lining and the leather never ripped or stretched. MY LV mono speedy 30 would have to take second place.
  12. YSL flower hobo/bag it's from like 4 years ago.. It's made out of buffalo leather and that's the bag i use when I travel here and there. And Jamin Puech bags.. they still look new after 5 years.
  13. LV Epi Mabillon Backpack! I think it's 7+ years now!
  14. ...My oldie but goodie (c. 1992) is the all weather leather satchel.:smile: I just feel a little outdated carrying it but I DO love it and it's currently admired from a closet shelf, LOL.
  15. get a lovely longchamp =)
    i throw mine around, fits everything and still looks good and clean since i'm able to wash it.