The most comfortable to wear ballet flats and sandals under £250

  1. Seconding this... once they're broken in, they're fantastic
  2. tory burch
  3. I am going to have a look at all of these.
  4. How are Bloch flats for comfort?
  5. OMG I feel much better now because I bought two pairs of Lillian VW flats and I wore them once and they killed my feet!!! How long does it take for them to break in?
  6. Just load up the back of your heels with bandaids, and wear them until they're comfortable for your feet (only took me a few days). Hope this helps !
  7. I am obsessed with Repetto myself. They're so soft and fit great. I like that they don't have the pinchy elastic at the back and yet never slip off :smile: I never have to break them in either.
  8. Ferragamo varinas, Miu Miu bow flats, and Cole Haan flats (with Nike Air technology). London Sole ballet flats are also comfy, but they wear out too quickly for me.
  9. I have found that Tory Burch flats don't have enough cushioning for me. Bummer, because I love the way they look.

    I'd also suggest Tod's ballet flats if you can find them on sale. I also got 2 adorable pairs of ballet flats from Banana Republic, and they have plenty of comfy padding and a nonslip rubber sole.
  10. I've found mine to be very comfortable, they haven't really rubbed at all since I've had them and I do a LOT of walking in them. However, as they're flats the sole is very thin, so I have found that adding an insole to give a bit of support to my heel helps. I do walk between 3 - 6 miles most days, though, which is perhaps not advisable in ballerinas ;)
  11. I just purchased Tory burch Eddie's this weekend and they are super flat, but are more have more cushion than Reva's and are more comfortable
  12. Looks like there are a lot of Repetto fans here. I've worn Repetto flats for years now. Love LOVE LOVE 'em. I've tried Bloch but I've found them to be very uncomfortable. For me anyway. Lanvin didn't work for me either. Whew! Otherwise, I'll be in the poorhouse!
  13. Bloch seems to be one of the more comfortable ballet flat brands and oftentimes you can find them on sale.
  14. Varinas for me were a fail. The leather is so stiff, it wore into my heel and I bleed all inside my $450 flats! They are definitely NOT cheap and not worth it IMO. I really like Tory Burch and am piqued by all the VW Lillian votes. I'll have to try them out ;)
  15. I like French Soles & Repettos! Just looking at them makes me happy -must be the leftover happy memories from ballet-days ;)