The most comfortable to wear ballet flats and sandals under £250

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to expand my shoe collection this year and I would like to know what the most comfortable to wear brands are for ballet pumps and sandals within a £250 maximum budget for each pair are.

    I would love to one day own a few pairs of Lanvin, but at the moment they are out of my price range.

    Thank you in advance,
  2. Repetto flats are my fave!
  3. vera wang lillians! they look identical to the lanvin but are less than half the price.
  4. Repetto!! And there is such a huge choice of colors ;)
  5. I love Bloch and Miu Miu flats, personally. The latter tend to vary in price depending on the design, but you can find them for under £250. Blochs tend to be around the £100 mark, the last pair I bought were £115 as I picked them up in store due to wanting to try them out for size. However, Yoox sell several designs at great prices.
  6. miu miu and prada (not prada sport)
  7. I heard great things about AGL - I just ordered a pair for when I have to do a lot of walking so will report back on my experience.
  8. I got ballet flats and sandals from Sam Edelman, not over $200 and very comfy for me.
  9. I find Ann Taylor & J. Crew flats to be VERY comfy, cute and well under $250.
  10. completely agree.

    And one of the last flats i'd buy are Repetto and Lanvin
  11. AGL (LOVE!), Stuart Weitzman, J.Crew.
  12. Miu Miu!! anything with real leather soles .......
    also have you tried French Sole ? they have got quite a variety and they are from London
  13. I have tried French Sole in the past and the sizing is always odd for me. Sometimes they are too big or too small.

    I will definitely look at all the brands that have been recommended.

    Thank you all so much,

  14. Coach flats are actually really comfortable.
  15. Yes totally VW Lillians. Break in the elastic and they're great