The most comfortable pair of shoes ever! Not to mention gorgeous!

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  1. Hello CHANEL lovers!

    As you can tell from my title, I’m revealing this stunning pair of sandals that I truly regret not getting earlier.

    It is SO comfortable, insane!

    I received the beige heel one today and purchased the flat beige version and the black heel one too! Yes! I’m that much in love lol.

    EEF86AF2-D3B2-40F8-8B25-44F06F931707.jpeg 2B9B4196-F564-4BB0-88D4-35A03E148564.jpeg 01823234-F919-4025-AF29-07323686D0C4.jpeg B85BF5F0-F278-4280-BBD1-167E5567B3C9.jpeg

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  2. May I ask if you got it from Chanel or a department store?
  3. Sure! I got the heel ones from Saks, I’m overseas and they shipped it for $50. The flat one was available from the local boutique.
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  4. I want those! They are beautiful!
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  5. Where do you live? I’m in the uk and would love to get these in the black and the beige. I wonder if Saks will ship to the uk.
    They are absolutely gorgeous!
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  6. I saw those on a ladies feet last year with a chambray dress and it was so chic!!! I need to add these to my wardrobe!!
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  7. And very comfortable!
  8. They definitely ship to everywhere! International shipping is $50. Customs is a different story though..
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  9. I absolutely love them! I can totally get them in every color!
  10. Thank you!
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  11. Indeed gorgeous! Classic chic and elegant, enjoy them!
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  12. Thank you!
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  13. Thanks for introducing these. I just bought my own pair in nude. Love! IMG_2367.JPG
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  14. Love them!
  15. How much were they if you don’t mind asking?
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