The most beautiful woman in country music iz!?!?

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  1. She's country music's most beautiful woman! That's according to a reader poll released Friday in Country Weekly magazine.
    'To thousands of fans, Faith embodies the ideal woman who really `has it all' - classic beauty, a superstar career, a great marriage to McGraw and three lovely daughters', the article says. 'No other country star projects a sexier, more stunning image'.
    Top Ten:
    1.Faith Hill
    2.Sara Evans
    3.Carrie Underwood
    4.Martina McBride
    5.Shania Twain
    6.Jennifer Nettles
    7.Terri Clark
    8.Miranda Lambert
    9.Trisha Yearwood
    10.Reba McEntire & Gretchen Wilson (tie)

    Hill & them:flowers::flowers::love::love:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. she's stunning usually. . . love her!
  3. She's beautiful!
  4. I don't listen to country music much anymore but I've noticed how many gorgeous female artists there are. I agree, Faith is great!
  5. i love faith hill she is beautiful and her husband is pretty cute too i also think underwood, twain and mcbride are very pretty
  6. Shania Twain is my favorite! She's so cool and down-to-earth. And incredibly beautiful.
  7. i love Faith Hill. her voice is amazing, and she has so much emotion in her songs. my favorites are Let Me Let Go and Cry :love:
  8. I think Faith Hill & Carrie Underwood are GORGEOUS!:biggrin::flowers:
  9. Faith Hill is a beauty. I also think Sara Evans is gorgeous. I'm glad she came in second.:smile:
  10. Glad Shania is up there, I think she is gorgeous and talented :smile:
  11. Many of them are truly beautiful! Anyone of them could have been at the top!
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