The Most Beautiful Enamel

  1. I saw it. I almost hit buy it now in my frenzy of buy it now last night!
  2. Oh wow! That really IS gorgeous.

    And i say this as someone who dont have a single one . . .
  3. Wow...that's gorgeous - my mother would love that!
  4. That is exactly what I was about to type!
  5. Beautiful....
    These enamels are so addicting. I had to go cold turkey.

    It is a very beautiful done one, Lizavet
    Looks like a bad sitation for the rabbit though!!
  6. This one is really gorgeous IRL. I have it in another colorway, a sort of yellowish golden brown. The raindrops are little golden specks? so they add a really pretty, extra shine to it.
  7. :lol: Didn't think of it quite that way.

    I think I need wrist reduction surgery because I KEEP seeing lovely enamels and they just do not work on me! :sad: :crybaby:
  8. My thought exacly. Poor little rabbit
  9. I love it!,,,,

    That is not a rabbit, its a hare! and dont feel sorry for it because they can out run, out fox, a hound any day!

    I know , I course them, heck what to do?? mmmmmmmmm shall I go hit
    da button??

    This is a photo of a hare course I attended, the hare jumped up in the air , spun and ran down a hole he knew exactly where to take the greyhound, so yet again Mr Hare won which was great.

  10. It's very nice, good eye elizavet :smile:
  11. Thank you ardneish!! I was just thinking shucks, I'll never be able to look at this bracelet with the same eyes again, lol!! So, they are all just playing, right?
  12. My first thought was whoa... poor bunny. It really does look like a very scary situation all around as there is potential for violence several ways there. Sorry, it is not one I would want. It's just too real looking for me ......
  13. wowza...i can't wait to get some enamel. There are so many beautiful designs.
  14. Mr Hare is a very clever chappie, he can run at over 35mph,
    and he knows the local area better than Mr ratfink fox!, and Mr Hound
    he can out run,,,,, out fox, anything.

    He is mad in march and boxes to show just how handsome and clever he is.
    I adore hares, and I adore hounds I dont adore the fox, but I adore nature and nature in the raw is pretty dam amazing.

    I love the bracelet but am gonna try not spend too much right now. so someone pls buy it.