the most beautiful bag in the world (to me...)


as in asian
Mar 11, 2008
i remember the first time i saw her.... it was almost 2 years ago when i was a college student in search of a new handbag. i wanted something versatile for every day use. i went to union square in san francisco and checked out many stores, from cheap stores inside the mall to macys to bloomingdales. none of the bags i saw really caught my attention... until i got to saks fifth avenue and saw the miu miu coffer.

i instantly fell in love. the design was so unique, the size was just right, and the convertible straps made it so convenient to use. it was perfect for an every day, all-occasion bag!

i must've modeled it in front of the mirror for 20 minutes or so at SFA. unfortunately, i was a poor college student and couldn't muster up the $1500 for it :*(. i ended up getting a $30 handbag later on at ross... it wasn't all that pretty looking but it was useful, and i tossed it around for a few months.

fast forward to may 2008. i'm no longer in school and have a decent job, and a little extra spending cash. i finally got the bag of my dreams - the miu miu coffer! AND it was on sale on net-a-porter for $1080. it's been almost 2 years since i first laid eyes on this bag, and it is still the most beautiful bag i've ever seen! i don't think i'll ever get tired of this bag!

isn't it just gorgeous in brown?? :heart::heart::heart:


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Jan 16, 2008
Wow... 2 years is a long wait... but it's well worth it! Congratulations on your new coffer asin! It is also one of my most favorite designs on a handbag. And the brown in your coffer does look gorgeous... it complements the gold HW very beautifully.