The Most Beautiful Bag Ever!

  1. Look at what Kelly from the Bag Snob found at at Hermes at the South Coast Plaza! She did not buy the bag, but I think another lady was about to make the jump :wtf:! Personally, I think this color is more beautiful than the black. IMO. :smile:
  2. mhm the pic is from cdl with aftermarket diamonds. not nice to use that pic without reference
  3. lilach, I am an avid follower of the website And it is from that site that I retrieved the picture. I had no notion of the picture's "original owner," or the authenticity of the picture. It was my intention to share with everyone on what I thought was a beautiful bag. It was very presumptious of you, and "not nice" to assume that I took a picture, without reference. As you can see, I referenced Bagsnob, since that was where I found the picture. I am a newbie, and had first thought that purse forum is a wonderful site, a site where wonderful men and women can come together and share their love for bags. Your remark is leading me to reconsider.
  4. Thimp, welcome to the forum, please stay and enjoy. Thanks for posting the pic.:heart:
  5. ^Yes, thanks for posting the picture and sharing your thoughts with us. I went to Bagsnob and read the account of the lady buying the croc Birkin with diamonds.
  6. Welcome thimp. I have been wondering lately whether it is better to take a "neutral" color vs. black or brown for a croc bag.
  7. ^^^ I have been too Sus, I really like the bag pictured.
  8. I think lilach was actually saying it is not nice of Bagsnob to post the pic without crediting the source :yes: I agree! :tup: No one likes to do work and not be given the credit.

    I bet in Orange it is a stunning bag... I can not afford it and even if I could, I could never see myself taking the plunge!
  9. thimp,

    Thanks for sharing... that colour is to die for...

    Welcome :heart::heart::heart:
  10. Wow.. Just WOW.
  11. I posted this question in the price thread as well... can anyone tell me what the 35cm crocs, any of the croc skins are going for at H? Taking the plunge to buy one, but going crazy trying to "stumble" upon one. Breaking down to buy one from cdl, or like seller. VERY curious to know their mark up. Thanks all!
  12. Lovely bag (can't see myself with an orange Exotic but I can't see myself with ANY bright color so......) and WELCOME thimp (nice avatar BTW!!!!).

    Crediting the source of the pic (in this case, CDL) is just showing respect of another's work, that's all. No biggy! And it's nice to have you here!!!!!
  13. ^^^ Unfortunately, CDL was not mentioned in Bagsnobs blog, so there was no way for most of us to have known that that's were the pic originally was from.

    This is the post from Bagsnobs blog
  14. so pretty.....
  15. Rose, thanks for the entire post! I love to read about these real life sureal encounters of the H kind.