the most amazing day of my life!

  1. So i get a call today from my S.A at L.V telling me that my mizi has come in!!! So excited, I headed straight for the l.v boutique...the mizi was absolutely gorgeous...i couldnt take my eyes off of i happily walked out of l.v, i decided to take a look at the fendi display in bloomingdales to see if any new spys had come in...there werent any new spys...BUT i took a look at the hobo that i have been eyeing...there was a 15% off promotion, so I decided to take the plunge and buy it....
    so im walking to the register to pay...the S.A rings the bag up (price was $720)...i take my credit card out...and the S.A says... " your total comes $428 and some cents!!!!!" :nuts: :weird: i couldnt believe my ears! the bag wasnt on sale... other than the 15 % off discount, BUT apparently it was accidentally marked down to that low price...probably the deal of the century for me! :lol:
  2. :lol: nice deal! Should have gotten 2 lol
  3. AWESOME!! Doesn't that give you an amazing feeling!
  4. Pictures!!! Please?
  5. AMAZING DEAL! which one did you get? i really want a spy hobo!
  6. Unbelievable!!! Great deal!! :nuts:
  7. That is really a steal, mistakes are our friends !
  8. Did the SA know it was a mistake? Did she say anything? That's awesome!!!
  9. Ooooh, pics please :love:
  10. Thanks girls! I will post pics as soon as I find my usb cable...the S.A recognized that it was a mistake, and she was really happy for me which was great lol...
    amanda...its a monogram hobo for everyday use...but its really cute..i could only wish it was the spy hobo:love:
  11. Its always nice to be in the right place at the right time. Can't wait to see pic's.
  12. wow! thats awsomee
  13. I'm waiting for a mistake to come in my way. LOL! Congrats!
  14. ~ooooh like fate~
  15. I feel like I won the lottery when that happens to me! hasnt happened with a bag though :lol: