The MOST amazing color in ostrich...!

  1. My SA was not much help on this. I saw the MOST MOST MOST amazing color ostrich birkin last night. It was a gem tone purple, almost like box raisin, but of course not raisin, since that is very light on ostrich skin. Even more rich than box raisin. Has anyone seen this? SA says it must be a SO, but what is the color name????? And the colors change dramatically on ostrih skin. THIS WAS THE MOST GORGEOUS OSTRICH SKIN BAG I HAVE EVER SEEN!!
  2. I can't imagine what other shades of purple Hermes has for ostrich. How interesting. Different skins absorb colour differently, and it's possible that there can be variation. And with ostrich, colour changes over time.

    If there really is another purple for ostrich, would love to know it's official name. Anyone?

    Here's a picture of jen's raisin ostrich. Does it look anything like this?

  3. is it that 'violette' color that looks more like a bright purple???
  4. That Is One Beautiful Bag:heart::heart::heart:
  5. Was it grape-like? If so, I'll bet you saw violine.
  6. There's another colour! Thanks HG! I wonder if my store has the swatch?!
  7. i love ostrich....can never get enough!
  8. Oh wow!! I am not a huge ostrich fan...but in that purple I could convert!!
  9. no, not raisin in ostrich. more like raisin in BOX, KWIM? Really a deep rich jewel tone. i have never seen violine, in ostrich or otherwise. anyone have a pic? when i spoke to my SA, it was via phone, so was not able to look at swatches. really the best way to describe is the box raisin, but in ostrich. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE?????:nuts:
  10. was it darker or lighter than this?




    verrry curious to hear.....
    raisin bolidea.jpg raisin bolideb.jpg raisin bolidec.jpg
  11. I don't believe there is "Raisin" in ostrich; the counterpart in ostrich is called "Violine" as HG has mentioned and that has been the only purple ostrich shade I've ever seen in the swatch book. Katel, your Violine Bolide is stunning!
  12. there is is VERY different than raisin in any other leather. is that bolide violine? GORGEUS!! but this bag was def a darker, richer shade. like a plum, or on the lighter side of eggplant. OH, I NEEEEED THIS COLOR!! cold it be a SO so special we just do not know??:wtf::crybaby:

  13. I have a violine ostrich bearn wallet. I also saw one in raisin 2 months ago, so there are at least 2 shades of purple in ostrich.
  14. thanks :heart:

    I was told all three of these bags were raisin...a box Dalvy, box HAC, and ostrich Bolide. They all look very similar under certain I'm super curious!!
    dalvy 12-07.jpg 4a.JPG raisin bolidec.jpg
  15. ^^^ Katel, I believe the box is in raisin, as is the Birkin. Your bolide looks much more like my violine ostrich, than the raisin ostrich I saw (I saw the tags on both, so the colours must be correct).