The Mornings wreckage

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. Let me just say that I love it when I buy myself a few little birthday somethings......I never dissapoint myself!

    Here's Leo presiding over the carnage and Miss Grey Poupon ready to roll......(thank you for letting me share with you :flowers:)
    _MG_2701.jpg _MG_2698.jpg
  2. CONGRATULATIONS! happy birthday ! love all the purchases!
  3. OH MY, shopmom! what a birthday loot you have! simply gorgeous!

    enjoy your day!!!!!
  4. Oops....Forgot descriptions....

    Here we go:

    "Jardin sur Nil" Latte Cup/Saucer, "Le Beaute en Voyage" book, Pointu scarf "Ex Libris", "Sequences" scarf in black/white combo, "Tapis Volante" scarf in blue/brown colorway and "A La Foret" Vintage scarf 1967 by Xavier de Poret.

    And on Grey Poupon, her new "Chevel Turq" pochette and Elephant cadena. :flowers:
  5. Congrats!!!! Leo is so cute...he looks like he is in awe of the loot! :smile:
  6. Heather.....right after I snapped the photo, he leaped into a scarf box and got banned from the kitchen!!! Silly boy......just doesn't know he can't play with the Hermes.....
  7. Have you "broken in" your lovely cup and saucer yet?...The coffee tastes even better comming out of a hermes cup! :P I am using mine as I am typing!:yes:
  8. BRAVO Shopmom! That's what I call Birthday Presents!!! Love your taste!
    You're very brave to have the cat next to silk scarves!!!
  9. are SO right! My coffee sure tastes a whole lot better this morning! Those cups are magical......
  10. Very nice shopmom! The scarves look awesome as does the cup...
  11. Hi Shopmom, love your gorgeous scarves, cup and saucer and Leo is adorable! Happy Birthday!

    Ps. Your kelly looks great with the scarf and cadena:smile:
  12. WOWWW! I love it all!
  13. I love how your 'dressed' your Kelly, Shopmom!! The pochette and cadena goes so well with it!! It's really very pretty!!!
  14. You did good, D! Keep you fingers crossed. I hope we find a Plume Elan GM for you.
  15. Wow, D!! What a great haul!!! I especially LOVE the scarf in the foreground. And Leo is adorable, too.