The "Morning AFTER"...Exchanges AFTER PCE?

  1. Okay, so if I want to EXCHANGE something I got for PCE, will I get the discount on what I exchange it FOR, too? Or...will I only get credit for the amount I paid and have to pay the difference on the FULL PRICE item I am exchanging for?
  2. I think it depends on the value of the item you're exchanging it for.

    For instance, if it's the same bag in a different color, you're fine.

    If it's say, an Ali for a Leigh, you'll owe the difference.
  3. I exchanged a small Ergo for a Medium ...paid 148 PCE for the small (originally 198) and then had to pay a 51 dollar difference for the medium (about 201 with PCE, originally 268 ish?)
  4. I agree, but will I get the discount on the new bag? Example (let's use the Ali & Abbey for example):
    Bought the Ali ($498) at 25% off = $373.50 + tax
    Exchanged for Abbey ($798)
    Would I get credit applied for the $373. 50 Ali and then 25% off of the Abbey making it $598 instead of $798 making the difference I'd pay only be $225 or would I only get the Ali credit and have to pay $798 for the Abbey making the exchange difference $424?
    I hope this makes sense. :rolleyes:
  5. Was this TODAY...after PCE ended? If so, that's great...that is what I am asking :yes::tup:
  6. Someone (especially a friendly SA) please correct me if I'm wrong, but once PCE is over, PCE is over.

    In your example, the Abbey would be regular price and you'd get the amount you paid for the Ali as a credit towards it.
  7. ^^^ Makes total sense. I'm too wondering if you tell them you got the ALI during PCE they'll also apply the discount on the new purchase.

  8. Bah, no..this was friday. I'm hoping maybe somebody will cut you some slack and let you slide with the discount on the other bag!
  9. Normally, I'd say no way.

    But given how chaotic this PCE was, if you're a frequent customer and have a SA who is feeling generous, I wouldn't be totally shocked if that happened if the exchange was tomorrow morning.
  10. I wanted to exchange shoes for the same shoes, but different size, and I was going to have to pay the difference. I was shocked since it was the same item and the reason for the exchange were the shoes didn't fit. My store didn't carry them and I had to buy them without trying on. Maybe it varies store to store, but that's what I was told.
  11. WOW..that seems a little silly that they'd make you pay the difference when you just wanted a different SIZE, same item!?!? WOW!
    Thanks for all of the tips - we'll see what happens IF I even decide to make an exchange (and, btw...I did not purchase an Ali OR the Abbey - I WISH!! Don't have THAT MUCH in my bank account!!) :p
  12. That's interesting, considering other people in the forum bought certain bags in order to exchange color once the new bags were available for PCE price. And they were acting on the advice of their SAs!

    Yet another example of Coach's inconsistency between boutiques.
  13. I was in my boutique today and wanted to exchange an item and pay the difference which I have done in the past. The SA did a return and was charging me the full price of the new bag without the discount. I told her that I had spoken to the manager via telephone and she had advised me that I could do an exchange and pay the difference in dollar amount. To make a long story short. If you are going to exchange on something you purchased with the PCE do not do it with your original receipt as you will get a return/credit to your card and be charged the full amount of the new item versus returning the original item with pce discount (no receipt) and paying the difference in retail price of the new item. I then asked to speak to the manager and she gave me the new item with the PCE discount as I told her I was doing this as an exchange and that she had verbally told me over the phone that I could do so.
    She agreed.
  14. Thanks for the info. Sounds a bit complicated...So, you can return something to the store WITH tags ON but WITHOUT a receipt?? What if you return a Boutique purchase to an Outlet?
  15. I say call your store and speak to a manager because there does not seem to be a consistant answer. My store told me when I was purchasing that if for some reason I needed to exchange they would give me the 25% on new item if it was within so much time after pce (cant remember time now) but they said they decided on a case by case basis on whether or not they would do this too.