THe more in subforums the more you love the designer

  1. do you find the moreyou hang out in a paticular subforum the more you want that bag/desginer

    for example, if i hang out in the LV subforum i want an LV bag soooo badly and can think of what i want etc... BUT then i head to the balencaiga thread spend some time there.. and i want a bbag//

    hahah anyone else like that:yes:
  2. yes I will confess...Dior Saddle bag and the Fendi B bag. I never wanted them til I started hanging out in the Dior and Fendi forum:roflmfao: :love:
  3. Yup, totally. Thank god there's not a baby subforum or I'd be tempted to go out and get one of those too.
  4. hmmm... been having some experince like that too...
    i wasn't into chloe paddy, but when i go to the chloe's forum, i'm beginning to like paddy and silverado.
    but the LV forum don't influence much...

  5. HAHAH im with you on that one:roflmfao:
  6. ^^^ Congratulations on saving up for your Hologram Spy!!!!!!
  7. :lol: you are soo right!
  8. No, I'm pretty stubborn... :P But if I already want the bag and I look around in the subform too much, I want it even more.:rolleyes:
  9. not tooo much. If I'm teetering, hanging out in the Forum may make a difference. But there's a lot of designers that it doesn't matter if I spent all day every day in that Forum I'd still never buy.

    I do think if you even like a designer, hanging out in that sub-Forum can make you like them more!:yes:
    You get top hear all the pro's from the REAL fans!
  10. It makes no difference to me, whatsoever. :shrugs: I like what I like and if I don't like something, no amount of hype affects me.

    I've always been like this; I'm an advertiser's nightmare! :lol:
  11. Im a one pattern, LV gal with some Pradas for rainy days...but looking around has made me appreciate other designers and style...

    Before I was pretty judgmental thinking that LVs quality and price was the greatest...and thought all other designs were ugly.....

    But I still wouldnt buy them...LVs are the only bag I will dish out $$$ for...:P
  12. thanks NYC am SUUUUPPPPPEERRR excited!!
  13. I think this ony works if I liked the designer to begin with. I've lurked on some boards and even thought the designer make nice bags, I don't necessarily want one. On the other hand, I definately want an Hermes and Louis Vuitton, lol!
  14. Like this with me too:yes:

  15. I agree, Lv just doesn't do it for me. I avoid Hermès because I could easily get into that one. But I must say that the Bal forum got to me. I didn't like them that much to begin with, but the forum made me want to try one on and I discovered that they were "made for me" so now I'm hanging out there all the time and wanting more and more especially since having seen the new color swatches...:drool: :drool: :drool:
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