The Month of March

  1. Does anyone else feel that March is the longest, most depressing month ever? I am sooo ready to get on with spring and summer and yet we have 25 days to go until we even get to April!:nuts:
  2. yes, but at least i get paid 3 times this month. Just means more days of shopping for spring/summer clothes and handbags for me.
  3. I love March! I love it even more because my birthday is in March; it's tomorrow!
  4. Yes, but that might have something to do with the fact that I have to work and I really hate my job. only 24 days to go though :smile:
  5. I love March too ! even though were freezing our butts off here in NYC, I love the seasons.:nuts:

    March is good to us because its our anniversary :love:

    My sister's Birthday and My Mother's Birthday. :love:
  6. I dont like March at all, its so long to me and I am dying for summer to come because today is the coldest day that ive ever experienced in a lonnng time! Cant wait for spring/summer!
  7. I love March because the seriously hot weather has not arrived yet. We can still enjoy days in the 70s and evenings in the 50s. I LOVE MARCH!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. I live in Arizona and I must say I love March! The weather is perfect!
  9. I agree! By the time March gets here, I'm SO over winter but have to wait those few extra weeks for it to be officially over~ I'm keeping my fingers crossed we'll get out if it without anymore snow!
  10. I've discovered March is a great time to vacation!! I'm having a blast here in Florida!! U Need to hop on a plane somewhere tropical!!
  11. March isn't my favorite month, but I think January is more depressing because it's right after the holidays and spring seems so far away. At least in March you know spring is right around the corner.....not that winter and spring in San Diego are that much different, but at least the days are longer.
  12. For some reason, there's quite a few members of my family/extended family + friends who have birthdays in March... so it's like a month of celebrations... lol.

    The weather is crappy, sure... but I don't mind it so much.

  13. It's my anniversary as well on the 11th!!

    And my oldest son's B-Day on St Patricks Day! We have such a good time at his parties! I love March!
  14. :yes:Happy Birthday!:yes: Hope you have a warm and sunny day!
  15. ^LOL..I despise March cause its my bday then too..DESPISE BDAYS!!!!!HEEHEE!