The Monogrammers

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  1. I can´t believe we don´t have a club for the classic monogram! Now we do, I´ll start with my Luco.
    Kuva 549.jpg
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I already posted my cles in the cles club, but what the heck.
    lvwallet.jpg lvcles.jpg
  4. I only have one mono bag. This was also my first LV purchase.....
  5. haha omg there isn't a monogram club??! lol. ok.. i'll join in.

    - abbesses
    - cles (thanks bijou!!)
    - desk agenda
    - and hopefully soon, a keepall 60

    pics.. are somewhere. but we've all seen my pics. lol.
  6. here's mine:


    Keepall Bandouliere 50, Abbesses, Pochette Gange, spectacle case, pocket organizer and trousse toilette
  7. Here are my monograms ....:jammin:
    This is my newest piece from LV in Hawaii


    Here's the rest of my collection:

    and more monogram...​


    a few more....​


    and finally my luggage that I really enjoy using ...​

  8. have an amazing collection!

    I won't post pics until I receive all my bags (they are being shipped) but I have:

    - Alma
    - Manhattan GM
    - Papillon 30
    - Trouville
    - Cerises Speedy
    - Groom Agenda
    - Zippy Wallet

    I love Mono!!!
  9. count me in as well.......:flowers:
    IMG_0352 (Small).JPG IMG_0599 (Small).JPG
  10. Everyone´s mono´s are amazing, thanks for posting pictures! Charmqueen, your collection is quite stunning.
  11. My cabas mezzo, batignolles horizontal. ipod video case, and wallet
  12. Aki your bags are beautiful :love:
  13. Here's mine w/their epi and damier sisters:

  14. Here's my small (but much loved) collection:

  15. Here's part of mine, keep meaning to take more pics but I'm so rubbish at it!
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