The Monogram Shine club!

  1. It's the Monogram Shine club! This line was introduced in 2002 and more items from it can be seen in Twigger's LE thread here: ).
    And without further ado, my own Shine Porte Monnaie just arrived today!
    100_9641.JPG 100_9643.JPG
  2. I love it Rebecca, so cute!
  3. Oh , I just checked out the thread, love all of the peices.
  4. Thanks! I'd like to get the Mckenna eventually too, it's so cute.
  5. oooh very nice. michelle has the mckenna right?
  6. I love this line, I love the sparkle!!

    Congrats, it's beautiful!!

  7. very cute congrats on your new shine!