The Monogram Glace & Monogram Mat Club

  1. i just thought it would be nice to merge there two beautiful and discontinued lines in the one club. here's my Mono Glace Collection:

    l-r: Force bracelet, Bobby, Ray and LST palladium buckle in Glace belt

    come and share yours :graucho:
  2. here's a close-up of the little cutie Ray:

  3. Mono mat is one my favorite lines ever! I ADORE the black color. I have a black mono mat stockton (which I'm carrying today, actually!) and a black mono mat medium agenda.
  4. Here are my Monogram Mat Shelton and Medium Agenda in Noir :love::

  5. Oh Duck!
    That's such a good idea!!

    Here's my Mat Ambre Multicles...


    when Mat/ Glace first came out it was my favorite line...I hope they find something similiar to replace it soon...
  6. where's everybody?? :wlae:
  7. I'm waiting for my digi cam to return so I can get snap-happy!! Be back with pics next week!!! LoL!
  8. That Shelton just looks better & better every time I see it.
  9. Elux still has a couple Mat pieces left from Discontinuation...:graucho:
  10. hehe i love love loved these lines! i was new to lv when they were avaliable and thought they were just a fad, i thought the mono would be more classic and refused to budge from the mono! now that they are discontinued im am dieing for one! i have arranged to get one soon! not telling you what it is yet its a suprise!
  11. can i hazard a guess NM? :graucho:

    Yeux > i really love black Mat! and your Shelton looks fantastic. i wish they also made men's bags..... still can't get over the fact they're discontinued :crybaby:
  12. ^ i dont know duck,:upsidedown: i dont think you have any clue of what it is lol,:roflmfao: its not like I pm you about the bags i decide to get:supacool: lol
  13. thanks :love:! yeah it's a shame it's discontinued; it's such a beautiful line:tender:. it's one of my favorite lines :yes:
  14. So does anyone know the difference between Mat and Glace? from what I remember Glace has a lighter indendation??
  15. i think the Glace doesn't have that very slight shimmer that the Mat appears to have, probably because it's a men's line. and it does seem to be more lightly embossed too :yes: