The Monogram Eclipse Backpack Explorer in action :)

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  1. Loving this work horse of a bag. Bought it before my trip and put it to good use right away. 14875052_10155389370083294_1687703890_n.jpg
  2. Can fit SO MUCH! Took this photo in the airport before I flew out and in this light it looks brown :smile: 14914899_10155389370488294_2133992856_n.jpg
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  3. For size comparison, see the bag in relation to my Birkin 30. It's a monster...but a beautiful one. 14886197_10155389370248294_1252786288_n.jpg Hahaha!
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  4. And last 2 "in action" 14886118_10155389370008294_1554183941_n.jpg 14874935_10155389369938294_664901114_n.jpg shots....
  5. You wear it very well.
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  6. Great multipurpose bag!
  7. Mono Eclipse is beautiful! Safe travels, makeupmama! :smile:
  8. What a lovely, useable piece.
  9. Congrats, it's really amazing and spacious! Looks great on you
  10. It a great travel bag!
  11. Nice! Thanks for sharing your pictures! I'm always interested in how people set up their travel "kit." So is that your only carry-on or did you also take a purse? I am assuming your big bag gets checked?

    I usually fly with a roll-y carry on and a large briefcase as my second personal item. I'm guessing your backpack might be too big for a second personal item, but would love to know your experience.
  12. Hi there! I use the backpack as my carry-on (the other purse I usually check in inside my luggage). I used to bring a trolley and a handbag on the plane with me but having this backpack simplified that :smile:
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  13. Are you still enjoying this backpack? How's the wear and tear? I'm purchasing one and just don't see too much info on this particular style. TIA.