The Mono Leonor - should I or shouldn't I?!

  1. I just got an opportunity to get my hands on a Mono Leonor :p However I've only seen it in pictures so far (and always have really loved the look of it, so cute and feminine), but then read that it might be too small and a hassle to get in and out.

    What other LV bag would you compare it to and what would be a reasonable price for one in good used condition? The ones on eBay go from 999$ for one with blotchy patina to 2.6k for a minty mint one ... :shrugs: Retail was around 2K$ I think.

    Any input would be highly appreciated :flowers:
  2. get it ! Its HOT
  3. I didn't like it when it first came out but my opinion has changed it's cute but it does look quite small how much stuff do you carry? if it's not much go for it!!
  4. ^usually I'm pretty basic when it comes to the stuff I carry: Wallet, iPod and my Sidekick, so I think I should be fine :shame: lol, after all I even can cram all of that into my pochettes :nuts:

    still waiting back from the owner about the price though, keep your fingers crossed for me ... :graucho:
  5. yes yes yes~!
  6. yes! :yes: very nice
  7. I have it and LVoe it, it is one of my favorite bags other than my speedy of course. I think you will LVoe it, another TERRFIC one is the Theda. Good Luck
  8. get it! the price was way over $2000 and it was limited.
  9. I've never much fancied this bag. But if you like it go for it Mara.
  10. get it, get it, get it......................

    it's soooooooooooooo beautiful~
  11. Love the Leonor alot.... especially the MC one....
    I would say.... Get it.... coz it's seasonal.... you might not have another chance to get it again....

    Good Luck!
  12. Get it, they look awesome!
  13. I love the Leonor! I like it more than the Theda! They were quite limited weren't they? I think you should get it. It's a really nice bag. Lots of details
  14. I Say No - I Had This Bag , Got It In A Trade And Did Not Like It At All . The Frill Around The Top Of The Bag Gets Bent When You Wear It And It Them Makes The Bag Look Awful .. It Not A Good Bag . The Theda Is A Better One .
  15. ^ mmm, sorry to hear that, but all I gotta say for now is:

    It's too late now ... :graucho: :upsidedown: