The Monkey Mugs Are Here!

  1. So we get a box this morning and my husband gives me this, "not another bag" look at which I glance back at him with a "don't look at me" look. I've been a good girl lately. So we open it together (because he doesn't believe me) and lo' and behold!!

    Oh vindication can be so sweet.
    Well, here they are!

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  2. I think you mentioned that he was getting that on eBay before...right? LOL!
  3. Those are HYSTERICAL!! :lol:
  4. Good for him! what conversation pieces!!!!!!! too funny!
  5. lol. Cute.
  6. Those are darling! Your DH is too funny!
  7. To be honest with you..... I LOVE THEM!!!! Congrats (i think...if you love them too)!!!
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: Those are so silly LOL!
  9. They're really cute.
  10. They're so funny ! Kind of silly though, hehe.
  11. I actually think those are really cute! :o)
  12. I am sitting here like monkey mugs thay are cute
  13. hahahah that's so funny! I remember the previous thread!
  14. I really do love them. They're pretty cool IRL. I'm drinking tea out of one of them right now.
  15. I freaking love those monkey glasses. LOL