The money has been counted...

  1. I am very happy and excited to say that me and three of my friends raised 282 Euros for Oxfam and a small charity called School for Life (in Thiland)!!!

    In my grade we were doing a fundraiser carnival and our group raised the most money!:graucho: With our 282 Euros and the food/drinks stand and the other 10 groups we raised over 700 Euros!

    I still can not believe that our group raised 3/7 or 45% of the money!!!!

    I'm so excited! I feel so inspired! I just want to keep raising money!!!!!!

    Yay!! -enjlux
  2. Good for you! That's awesome.
  3. Congrats!!!!!
  4. Amazing & great job!! Sounds like you are in it for the right reasons...helping others is truly the best feeling :yes:
  5. congrats..that must have been pretty nice to give to a good cause..
  6. Congrats!!! Really glad to hear you are raising money for a good cause :flowers:
  7. Great job, enjlux!
  8. Wow, I'm impressed, all at your work and generousity to a cause that is certainly worthy !

    tPF certainly isn't all about shallow obsessing. :biggrin:
  9. GREAT job!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Good job! I feel terrible, I never do fundraisers or volunteer or anything like that.
  11. Thank You! I'm really proud also!! Hopefully I'll be able to do more next year! I am so happy! For the summer I even checked out a book called "activisim for teenagers"! Thanks again!

    Edit: (I just realized how many '!' I put in here. Oh well... :biggrin: