The Mommie Bag

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  1. Did becoming a mom change your purse choices? Did you change what you carry or the style you chose after you became a mom? DH and I are starting the adoption process and I find myself thinking, "Would that be practical to carry other stuff (like baby items)?" Would love to hear from you moms, did the baby change this about you?
  2. I am not a parent yet but I wanted to say that is great you are adopting, what a wonderful thing to do.

    As for bags, do you normally carry totes? I know my SAs were selling the multifunction totes to new mommies because they are stylish enough to be taken out somewhere but could also hold baby stuff :smile:
  3. Hmmm well when I had babies I wasn't into coach.. yet :graucho: For me I usually had a seperate diaper bag to hold diapers/wipes/formula/bottles and change of clothes (you will learn that one quick) ;) My kids are now 10, 8 and 5 so I haven't had to worry about that for a LONG time... seems like decades ago :rolleyes: I think if you dont' want to carry something seperate a stripe tote or Carly would be perfect.. it's all personal preference.. but you shouldnt' have to change your personal style and what you like just because you have a baby. BTW Congrats.. that is SO exciting!!! :tup: :yahoo:
  4. I had a separate diaper bag when the boys were younger (but I wasn't into purses back then like I am now). Now I carry a small diaper bag with wipes etc in it when we are out. I do have to admit that when I look at a bag, I have to think "Does that have room for a Gameboy/matchbox cars/Pokemon cards/etc?" It's hard for me because I do not like big bags but at the same time need bags that have adequate space and are well-organized (inside zip pocket, cellphone spot, etc). Hope that helps!
  5. Totally!!! I have to make sure that I can fit a couple diapers and a bottle plus my own items. It also has to be comfortable.
  6. I know I have been eyeing the Carly for sometime now. I have actually been sitting on the fence about getting one. The I decide yes, I want one. Then it is a matter of figuring out which size. I usually don't carry really large bags, but smetimes thing the large should be the one. I wish there was one in the middle, just a little larger than the Med. Carly.

    Thank you Candace117, it is very exciting.
  7. The large Carly would be a good choice to carry extra stuff in...I notice that I can fit a LOT in mine and she doesn't ever get too full! It would be a more stylish version than a diaper bag and if you get it in black sig or chocolate then you could still use it when the kid is older :smile:
  8. I feel like you do about the Carly but given the existing bags, decided to go with a medium. Now if I had more baby type of stuff (rattles, pacifiers, etc.) I might have gone with a large. But it made me think of a black hole for stuff to get lost in too much...
  9. Congratulations! What a wonderful time for you and your DH! As for your question, I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 month old. I used to gravitate to smaller to mid size bags but I have found that I was overcramming them with the kids' stuff when we were just going on little outings where I didn't want to carry an entire diaper bag. By the time you account for a sippy cup, some snacks, a bottle and a few diapers the bags are full and there is no room for your stuff...LOL! I just bought a large Carly that fits everything plus it slouches quite nicely when I am out alone and it is not filled to the brim. I think it is a perfect bag for what you are looking for.
  10. That is so wonderful and I hope all goes well for you. To answer your question, I used to carry small, dainty purses when I was single and as soon as my first son was born my bag got bigger :smile: ... but I never loved carrying a diaper bag. I just keep a leather backpack filled with changes of clothes and diapers and bandaids etc in my car and then carry a bigger bag with just a diaper and a few wipes. The bad part is that now I am used to the bigger bags I started carrying more, like a book, magazine, agenda, water bottle (I know you aren't supposed to, it might leak :shame:smile: and I don't think I could ever go back to those little bags again :sad: I tried the large Carly on recently and love it btw, I am short but it actually didn't look overpowering. I found the medium a little too small for the things I "needed" to carry. Again I wish the best of luck to you both!!
  11. I always carried a separate diaper bag when my children were diaper-age. However I still do look for a bag that will fit my stuff plus some Power Rangers and various other 5-year-old boy items! Now that my daughter is older (almost 13) she carries her own stuff in her own purse, so that works out. I always liked larger bags anyway, so it really didnt change my style any.
  12. i never wanted to 'carry' a diaper bag. i make sure my bag is large enough to accomodate my needs and the needs of my baby. I do have diaper bags for days/times away, but for everyday lugging a diaper bag is the last thing i want to do!
  13. I think that the large Carly would be a great choice for you. You'll find that you may want to keep a separate diaper bag and just carry a few things you'll need actually with you (small wipe case, one diaper, etc)...

    Congratulations! We're so happy to hear about your new precious addition!
  14. WOW, I shouldn't have been surprised but all of you are so awesome to share such encouraging words (and wisdom). It looks like the Large Carly is going to win out. My DH is on a "Dairy Form" as much or more than I visit here, he ask some sort of question several weeks ago when we first started the process. He was met there with the same kindness I receive here, I think this is an awesome place to get advice, idea's and internet friendships. Will let you all know how things go. Thanks so much.
  15. my Speedy takes care of all my fits a little changing mat, wipes, diaper, bottle, snacks, even Little People!

    Good luck with the adoption! Adoption is a wonderful thing! I would know, i'm a product of it :smile: